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Dresses to Knock Your Valentine’s Breath Away

5 Feb

Can you believe it ladies, Valentine’s Day is bearing down on us! With just a little over a week away, we wanted to give you our favorite dresses to wear for your special dates. Whether you are going out with your main squeeze, or celebrating with your girls, these looks are meant to make everyone drool over you.


Stop Staring! Love (Red)

The fun of this dress is in the details that Stop Staring! has added to this design! I cannot tell you how much I adore the bow in the back! There have been several women that have come into our store and are turned off by the bow detail in the back, thinking that it is too “young” and intended for women in their early twenties. I dare to disagree. This dress has a wonderful silhouette and can be worn by anyone. The dress is made from Stop Staring’s millennium fabric, which has a lot of stretch to it – read: it is very forgiving! The dress is ruched at the waist helping you look more defined if you are not a slim person.  And then there is the bow, the bow helps to draw attention to your back. It is placed at the waist and falls on the top part of your butt and hips. I honestly think that this bow helps give a reason for that special someone to be staring at you from behind. It is done in a way that makes the dress more sweet than slut.


H&R London Hearts and Roses Swing

H&R London has quickly become one of our best sellers for JBR! Our fans love the brand, the price point, and the designs of the dresses. For Valentine’s Day what could be better than the Hearts and Roses dress? Even if you don’t have a special Valentine’s this year, this is a perfect gift to give yourselves. I clearly love to find the dresses with the details, and this one changes up a traditional boat neckline by adding the fold down in the front with the buttons. The buttons are what get me on this dress. They are so cute and feminine along with the print.

4305RED-2T 4305RED-3T

Hell Bunny Arcadia Red 50’s Dress

Hell Bunny is all about the details when it comes to the print on their dresses. This year for Valentine’s Day try something with a little more edge with this dress! The print on this dress has hearts, flowers, skulls, keys, and bones! To me, this dress would be great for your girls dinner to celebrate not needing a man. The sweetheart neckline is done in black to contrast against the predominant red print on the dress. Hell Bunny has also added three small buttons down the front to make it look like a faux blouse. The banding around the waist helps to give the illusion of a corset and creates more definition in the waist line.

4309RED-2T 4309RED-3T

Hell Bunny Judy Red 50’s Dress

This last look is definitely the sweetest and more demure of the looks we like for Valentine’s Day. The dress is made from a stretch cotton and has a tiny white polka dot print on it. The neckline is different with a square cut, and Hell Bunny has added a lace piece to the front to make the dress more dainty. I love the way they accessorized their model with the little hat pinned on and the white petticoat. I think that if you are going to choose a dress like this, it is all about playing it up with the accessories. You could add pearls and flats. This would be a fun pick if you want to go swing dancing for the night.

These are our top picks for Valentine’s Day, what are the looks you are planning on wearing? Leave us a comment or tag us in your photos on Instagram. As always, we love to see what you are wearing from our store and how you are accessorizing!


Your Team at JBR Clothing


New Years Eve Dresses

30 Dec
Wondering what to wear for New Year’s Eve? We have the short-list of looks that will have you ready to celebrate the closing of 2013 and look forward to 2014!
New Years Eve Dressed
We tried to come up with the top four looks that will make heads turn and jaw drop. Each of these dresses is in a hue that will be sure to have people asking you were you purchased your dress. For 2014 we envision gold, black, with jewel tones. There is something timeless about the black and gold look. Of course, if there is a shimmer to it, even better! The alternative for the gold and black is the jewel tones of a sapphire blue. With any of these dresses you can add statement necklaces and sky high heels.

What do you plan on wearing? Be sure to Tweet us photos or tag us on Instagram so we can see how you are rocking these classic looks!
Your Team at JBR Clothing

A JBR Girl Black Friday Wish List

28 Nov

We have been sharing with you all week about the things we are thankful for here at JBR Clothing. Today, on this day of Thanksgiving (for those of us in the US), we are thankful for our friends, family, and coworkers. It is with love and friendship that we make it through life. But besides the millions of thanks we are reminded of today, let us not forget the start of the tremendous shopping season ahead of us!

We have put together a very short list of the items we would suggest putting on your Black Friday shopping list or on your Christmas Wish List! As a reminder, we will be giving customers who purchase between Midnight EST to 8 AM Est 25% off  their purchase, and those that purchase anytime after 8 AM EST will get 20% off the rest of the day. With sales like this, you don’t want to pass on the chance to buy something that you might not be able to splurge on.

 JBR Clothing Christmas Wish List

Starting from the middle photo and working our way clockwise these are the items we suggest getting your savings on:

1) STOP STARING! Molly Dress: We ADORE plaid for the holidays and these dress is such a cute cut you would be crazy to not want one!

2) Hell Bunny Angeline Coat: When we got this coat in it was still 100 degrees here in California, but now that the weather is cooling off we suggest making this one of your winter coats for this year. We love that the coat is long enough to cover your dresses and that it doesn’t leave you looking boxy!

3) Betty Page Red Glitter Dress: There are no other words than OH-EM-GEEEEEEEE. When I saw this dress hanging in our showroom I knew that it was going to be an instant holiday dress. I suggest if you have a holiday event to attend, snag one of these dresses before we sell out – and do it at the sale price! This is one of those dresses that people will be talking about all night!

4) Lux de Ville Bon Voyage Kiss Lock: There are rarely sales on the Lux items and this is your chance to grab a fab new purse. We have really loved the Bon Voyage purses for some time now, so whether you are interested in the small Kiss Lock, or the Larger tote, we think you should grab one on discount!

5) Loungefly Skully Satchel: We have loved Loungefly from the moment we started carrying them, and it seems to be our fans have too! If you are one of the many ladies who has an obsession with skulls, then now is your chance to get one of our Skully Satchels or coin purses!

6) Hell Bunny Millie Coat: Again, we are featuring one of the coats that we are carrying for the winter. Last season we carried the Millie and it was purchased by quite a few of our fans, this season Hell Bunny brought it back but with an addition. Hell Bunny has added length to the coat so that it now will cover your dresses. Before, the Millie came to about the middle of your thigh and now it comes to just above the knee. We really loved the fit on this coat and the femininity it creates with the cut.

7) Stop Staring! Charlotte Dress: We can’t get enough of Stop Staring! – if that wasn’t evident from how many times it shows up on our lists of things we love, so we wanted to give you another dress we think you would love to buy during our Black Friday Sale. The Charlotte dress is one of those items that will become a staple piece in your closet. You can wear it out to work or to an event in the evening. What we like about this dress especially, is the collar, it helps make the dress different from some of the other Stop Staring! pieces.

We hope we have given you some inspiration to help you while you begin the madness of shopping for the holiday! Remember to take advantage of all the sales out there and to treat yourself to something nice. Keep checking the blog for more style board ideas for your holiday looks!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Week of Thanks: Best Sellers

26 Nov

Hey Dolls! We are bringing you a week of Thanks from JBR Clothting!

We know we are one day late, but better late than never! For today, we are bringing you our best-selling styles for our fall season. These dresses have us thankful that the designers gave us such cute prints and some of them are at affordable pricing!

Starting from the top right corner and working clockwise let us tell you our best sellers for fall:

1) Stop Staring Nova Dress:  This dress is one of Stop Staring!’s classic styles with the sweetheart neckline and slightly ruched waist. Not only is it a cut we love, but the print and color is so cute! The blue is on the borderline of navy, but has the pops of color with the flowers to break it up and make it a knock out look.

2) Stop Staring! Timeless: Ever since we introduced the Stop Staring! Timeless dress, we can’t keep it stocked on the shelves for everyone to enjoy! This dress comes in green, red, and grey. Any color that you purchase this dress in, you are sure to wear it all the time! I love the high waist and the side sash. Not only that, but the key hole on the front lets you feel like you are showing off a little something.

3) Hell Bunny Eternity: When we first saw this dress we weren’t sure how any of our fans would like it. This is the first time we have seen a dress with sleeves from Hell Bunny and we took a risk and carried it. The result has been astounding as many of you have purchased it and told us how much you enjoy wearing it. The print has large red flowers and makes you want to bust out your dance shoes and go swing dancing.

4) H&R London Mini Polka Dot: H&R has quickly become one of our best-selling lines since we have introduced it. You love the prints, style, and the price point. You honestly can’t beat it when it comes to bang for your buck! This season for H&R, the  mini polka dot dresses have been very popular. Just like the Timeless, this dress comes in several color options: blue, red, and black.

5)Hell Bunny Cynthia: The Cynthia is such a sweet dress. It is so cute with the Peter Pan lace collar and the chiffon material. I actually owned an original vintage dress like this when I was in high school  and this dress brings me back to high school! I would wear this all the time if I could! It is a well constructed dress and worth the money.

These five dresses have driven us crazy this fall, and we are so thankful to the designers for creating them! We can’t wait for the next season to see what other cute items will thrill us!

Tell us what dresses you purchased this year that you are thankful for!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday Halloween Edition

16 Oct

Happy Wednesday Ladies! We are in the middle of the work week but dreaming of Halloween parties! This weekend will mark the start of many of the Halloween festivities and we wanted to be prepared!

Just like we did last year, we went through our inventory and came up with some quick costume ideas. All you need is the dress from JBR Clothing and the accessories from Target. Yes, we got all of our accessories from Target (and a majority from their Dollar Stop!).

We wanted to focus on dresses that we could wear to work during the day, then add a few simple items and stop in at a Halloween party. I can tell you this, Rachel plans on wearing the SPOILER ALERT Frankenstein costume!

photo 2

Our first costume is a simple witch! All you need is the Zombie Dress from Folter and a witch’s hat. We paired our dress with a purple hat to give you extra color and drama. We kept the purple theme going by adding the Acai Hello Kitty Loungefly Embossed Tote for the day look.

photo 3

This was our favorite look that we shot for this spread. Like I said, Rachel has already told us that she plans on buying the Bats 50’s Green dress from Hell Bunny to recreate this look for her Halloween celebration.  We added a green petticoat for extra volume in the skirt. For the day look we paired it with the Doomed cardigan from Hell Bunny  for those people who can’t wear a halter into their job. For the costume part we found a simple mask from the Dollar Spot and a set of glow in the dark vampire teeth. They looked less like vampire teeth and just scary monster teeth.

photo 1

To get a simple devil outfit we chose the H&R London Red Mini Polka Dot Halter Swing dress. Target sells a devil kit that comes with horns, bow tie, and tail. Instead of using the bow tie, we bought a capelet from the Halloween section of Target (costing approximately $20).  Accentuate this look with a powerful red lip and you are done. If you want to add more drama, we would suggest purchasing a pair of black cuff gloves (we thought the fingerless one would look great).


Our final costume idea is a simple black cat.  IDEA ALERT: If you and a friend are going out together, one of you can be the witch the other the black cat!  In order to get this look you need the Stop Staring! Nightlife Swing dress and either cat ears, or a cat mask like we used above. We added more feminine details by using a double strand pearl necklace and a black satin sash.

We hope that these ideas gave you a new perspective on how you can create a Halloween costume that can be worn after the one day holiday! If you have another way that you can create a costume from your JBR dress, please email them to us, Tweet us, post to Facebook or tag us on Instagram! We love to see how you are making our items uniquely yours!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Holiday Season Fashion Guide

19 Dec

As promised, we are bringing you our must have fashion guide for all your holiday festivities!

There has been some bickering amongst ourselves about what we truly felt deserved to make this list, so what we did was look at some of our top sellers to help us decide what you may like.

We have the Stop Staring! Fortune Dress at the top of our list! When we first saw this dress at Magic we were unsure about it. We loved how it looked on the model but didn’t know how it was translate into real life. Well let me just tell you, it is a 10!

This dress is a killer because of how it fits to the body, and the material is lightweight and breaths easy. No need to worry about sweating through this dress while you dance your way to midnight! The other fabulous thing is that this dress is both a mix of gold and silver. It is a true champagne. We loved that about the dress because it means we can wear whatever type of metal we want. (I’m sure many of you know that silver and gold doesn’t necessarily go with EVERYTHING).

Another one of our favorites that our fans have loved is the Stop Staring Timeless in Green.

This dress is really for any woman! I do not think we have seen it on someone and thought “No, doesn’t look good.” It is great because it is flattering from a size 0 to 16. Proof of this can be seen just if you Google the images for it! There are women of many sizes wearing this and rocking it!

The other thing that we love about this dress is the color of green that it is. It is oftentimes hard to find a green that is “true,” but this is a solid green. Not mossy, not khaki, this is green. It pops on any skin tone.

Up next we have the Heartbreaker Haute Milan Dress in Red. I have ALWAYS been a fan of Heartbreaker. I love the materials they use to construct their dresses. The dresses are sure to last and they don’t fade if you care for them properly.

The Haute line from Heartbreak is a favorite because it offers styles and materials that are just a notch above their already excellent standards. They really are creating a well crafted product. This dress has a full swing skirt with the v-neckline. The neckline is wonderful for those women who want to show off a little bit of cleavage without giving the whole party a show.

For some extra va-va-voom add a petty coat for a more full skirt. I personally plan on wearing this dress out for a Christmas Eve celebration.

One of our last picks for the holiday season is the Stop Staring! Jasmin Pink Lace dress!

This is another dress that took us by surprise! When we first got it in we were wondering how it would look on the everyday woman, but again, Stop Staring has proven to us just how well constructed and thought out their clothes are.

This dress is just like the Jasmin’s that have come before it in the cut, but everything else is just slightly different. The first thing is the material. The material on this dress is not real lace, the lace is just a print on the material. The lack of actual lace is great because it means that there will be no snagging on jewelry or other sharp edges that stick out. The other thing about the material is that is slightly stiffer than the normal 4 way stretch that Stop Staring! uses. This can be both a good and bad thing. We personally like it because it makes the dress feel more supportive, it holds you in where you need to be. The only bad thing is that you may need to go up a size, so don’t worry or feel ashamed if you do.

All right dolls, that is our wrap up of our favorite holiday looks! As always, email us, comment here, post to Facebook and let us know what looks you will be wearing this holiday season. Is it one of the dresses we mentioned above or have you gone a different route? Maybe a little more Rockabilly than retro? We would love to hear from all of you!

Warmest Wishes During the Holidays!

Your Team at JBR Clothing

DIY Costume Round Up

26 Oct

All right dolls, Halloween is just 5 days away and we want to make sure you are all prepared for the big event. While many people joke that Halloween is just a chance for women to let their inner sex kitten out, we at JBR Clothing disagree! Halloween is a great reason to shop for dual outfits! There is nothing better than buying pieces for a Halloween costume that you can recycle for a different purpose after the holiday.

With this thought in mind, our resident buyer Rachel, has been putting together some costume ideas based off your favorite JBR dresses! We will give you a round up on what you might have missed!

This is of course one of the most iconic women of all time, Mrs. Jackie Kennedy Onassis! You can recreate this look with the Stop Staring! Flawless dress, pearls, pointed tow pumps, and the over sized sunglasses. If you want to take the look a little further, don’t forget a pill box hat and a large purse.

This is for those women who love Alice in Wonderland. You can turn yourself into The Queen of Hearts with Hell Bunny’s Poker Face dress! This dress is a fun twist on the Queen of Hearts, the dress has a deck of cards scattered all over. Add a crown and scepter and you are ready to make heads roll! If you want to take this dress a little further, go to your local gardening department and buy a pink flamingo to use as a croquet club.

Here we have a look inspired by one of the sexiest cartoon characters to ever hit the big screen, Jessica Rabbit. Take the Stop Staring! Gathered Ava in Red, add a pair of elbow length purple satin gloves, a flowing red wig, and some high pumps and you will be beating off the men all night!

You can also be one of our all time favorite Batman villains, Poison Ivy with the Stop Staring! Moda dress. Instead of trying to find a green unitard (totally scary on some!), swap out our dress and pin vines of ivy. Add a face mask, pumps and gloves, and take over the night. This could be cute if you have a die hard Batman fan in the family (think of pairing this with your son/husband/boyfriend) it could be a hit at any party!

I am sure most of you can guess what costume idea this is, the wonderful Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly, played by Audrey Hepburn. This is most definitely a dress you will wear again, because what woman doesn’t need an LBD? Get this look with the Stop Staring! Love Fitted dress in Black. You will HAVE to have some great costume jewelry and a high and tight bun with a tiara. If you want to add a little more, be sure to carry a small white bag with a donut and a cup of coffee.

Our last costume idea is one of America’s biggest sweethearts, Miss Minnie Mouse! You can get this look by taking the Hell Bunny Cutie Pie dress, adding a pearl necklace and earrings, mouse ear headbands and black or yellow pumps. If you live somewhere that is going to be cold, you can layer with a black long sleeve and black tights to make the look more authentic.

We love all of these dresses on their own, but if it gives us a reason to make a purchase for Halloween it is even better! There is nothing worse than wanting to get into the holiday, but then ending up with an outfit you can never use again. I mean, how many of us really want to wear the same costume a few years in a row?

Be sure to share with us your Halloween DIY costume ideas! You can do this by tweeting us @vintagerevblog, or if you are creating a DIY costume based off a JBR dress, snap a photo and tag us on Instagram! We love being able to see how you get creative. You can tag us on Instagram @jbrclothing.

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing