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Dapper Day – Disneyland

14 Feb

Hey West Coast Gals, this year the women from JBR Clothing are going to be hitting the mean streets of Anaheim and stepping out for Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort!

Dapper Day is an unofficial event where people from all over the country visit Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or the Disney Resort in Paris dressed in their Sunday best. According to Dapper Day’s website they say this “DAPPER DAY Events at Disney Parks are your chance enjoy your favorite rides and attractions while looking your best. All sophisticated fashions, from vintage-inspired to contemporary chic, are encouraged.¬†Active or retired military please consider wearing your dress uniform if you like.”

The dates for events vary depending on which resort you are visiting. For us West Coasters, Dapper Day will be happening the weekend of February 22 and 23. This is the first time JBR Clothing is going to the park, just as participants, not as a vendor, but we could not be any more excited then we are now!!

Since we decided this was an event we wanted to be a part of, we have been going through our look books seeing some of the styles we may want to bring out.

Haunted Mansion inspired outfit

This first look is one that I have worn to Disneyland on two different occasions. Both times I wore this dress, I was stopped by guests and cast members asking me if this was purchased in the park near the Haunted Mansion. I didn’t realize it until I was asked the first time, but the Folter Art Gallery dress does look like the hall of portraits in the Haunted Mansion. If you want to wear this out to Dapper Day, you can dress up the dress with fancier shoes and well coiffed hair. This is on the more casual side of the spectrum in terms of dressing up.

This next look is getting closer to the stepping out in style motto of Dapper Day. Taking the Hell Bunny Noreen Black Dress and adding accessories make this a great outfit to wear for Dapper Day. I liked this dress as a Dapper Day option because the skirt is a swing, allowing for you to feel a little cooler if the temperature is warm. It also does not lead to being restricted when you get on and off the rides, and the style totally captures that nostalgic feeling of Disneyland on opening day. I think adding a pair of wrist length gloves and swapping out a cigarette holder in place of a purse is a perfect option for the weekend.

The last option for Dapper Day is a more sophisticated look is the Stop Staring! Viola Dress. This is one of my favorite looks from Stop Staring in their most recent collection. The colors on the dress are so rich and vibrant it will make for wonderful photos in front of the castle. To make the look more comfortable for you while you run around the park, pair the dress with a cute pair of lace flats. I am in love with parasols and would suggest having one with you if the day is projected to be 80 or above.

Rachel and I have yet to nail down what looks we will be wearing while we are at Dapper Day next weekend, so we will try and keep you posted via Instagram what we decide on.

What are you planning on wearing? Will you be there? What events are rides are you most looking forward to? Share a comment with us or tag us in your Instagram photos, we love seeing where you are wearing JBR!


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