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Dresses to Knock Your Valentine’s Breath Away

5 Feb

Can you believe it ladies, Valentine’s Day is bearing down on us! With just a little over a week away, we wanted to give you our favorite dresses to wear for your special dates. Whether you are going out with your main squeeze, or celebrating with your girls, these looks are meant to make everyone drool over you.


Stop Staring! Love (Red)

The fun of this dress is in the details that Stop Staring! has added to this design! I cannot tell you how much I adore the bow in the back! There have been several women that have come into our store and are turned off by the bow detail in the back, thinking that it is too “young” and intended for women in their early twenties. I dare to disagree. This dress has a wonderful silhouette and can be worn by anyone. The dress is made from Stop Staring’s millennium fabric, which has a lot of stretch to it – read: it is very forgiving! The dress is ruched at the waist helping you look more defined if you are not a slim person.  And then there is the bow, the bow helps to draw attention to your back. It is placed at the waist and falls on the top part of your butt and hips. I honestly think that this bow helps give a reason for that special someone to be staring at you from behind. It is done in a way that makes the dress more sweet than slut.


H&R London Hearts and Roses Swing

H&R London has quickly become one of our best sellers for JBR! Our fans love the brand, the price point, and the designs of the dresses. For Valentine’s Day what could be better than the Hearts and Roses dress? Even if you don’t have a special Valentine’s this year, this is a perfect gift to give yourselves. I clearly love to find the dresses with the details, and this one changes up a traditional boat neckline by adding the fold down in the front with the buttons. The buttons are what get me on this dress. They are so cute and feminine along with the print.

4305RED-2T 4305RED-3T

Hell Bunny Arcadia Red 50’s Dress

Hell Bunny is all about the details when it comes to the print on their dresses. This year for Valentine’s Day try something with a little more edge with this dress! The print on this dress has hearts, flowers, skulls, keys, and bones! To me, this dress would be great for your girls dinner to celebrate not needing a man. The sweetheart neckline is done in black to contrast against the predominant red print on the dress. Hell Bunny has also added three small buttons down the front to make it look like a faux blouse. The banding around the waist helps to give the illusion of a corset and creates more definition in the waist line.

4309RED-2T 4309RED-3T

Hell Bunny Judy Red 50’s Dress

This last look is definitely the sweetest and more demure of the looks we like for Valentine’s Day. The dress is made from a stretch cotton and has a tiny white polka dot print on it. The neckline is different with a square cut, and Hell Bunny has added a lace piece to the front to make the dress more dainty. I love the way they accessorized their model with the little hat pinned on and the white petticoat. I think that if you are going to choose a dress like this, it is all about playing it up with the accessories. You could add pearls and flats. This would be a fun pick if you want to go swing dancing for the night.

These are our top picks for Valentine’s Day, what are the looks you are planning on wearing? Leave us a comment or tag us in your photos on Instagram. As always, we love to see what you are wearing from our store and how you are accessorizing!


Your Team at JBR Clothing