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New Years Eve Dresses

30 Dec
Wondering what to wear for New Year’s Eve? We have the short-list of looks that will have you ready to celebrate the closing of 2013 and look forward to 2014!
New Years Eve Dressed
We tried to come up with the top four looks that will make heads turn and jaw drop. Each of these dresses is in a hue that will be sure to have people asking you were you purchased your dress. For 2014 we envision gold, black, with jewel tones. There is something timeless about the black and gold look. Of course, if there is a shimmer to it, even better! The alternative for the gold and black is the jewel tones of a sapphire blue. With any of these dresses you can add statement necklaces and sky high heels.

What do you plan on wearing? Be sure to Tweet us photos or tag us on Instagram so we can see how you are rocking these classic looks!
Your Team at JBR Clothing

Summer Solstice Celebration

22 Jun

The summer solstice was yesterday and we could not be more excited! We are in the process of making a move to a store-front where you can stop by and visit us (for you Southern Californian fans), today is the official launch of WordPress (so ditch that blogspot page, and make sure to book mark this page) and today is the day we are ditching our pants and living for our dresses!

Yes, that’s right ladies, we are leaving our pants to be shoved under our beds and only wearing dresses or skirts. That being said, we want you to know which dress we are obsessed about:

We cannot get enough of the Bettie Page Rosanna Dress! When we first saw this dress at Magic in February we knew that our fans would adore it, and so far everyone has.

Part of the appeal of this dress is the print. The designers picked a print that really brings you back to the days of home made apple pie, sock hops, and drive in theaters. We have this on our must have list because it is a light cotton material that breaths well in those hot and sticky summer months. Because it is a swing, you definitely get the sun dress feeling from it.

JBR Clothing will be heading to the Hootenanny in Irvine, California Saturday, July 7, and we were all fighting over who would get to wear it….sadly no one won because we are selling them like snow cones on a summer day. But we have big plans for the places that you can wear this number out!

This dress would be great for a first date! Has the hunk in the apartment below you finally gotten the nerve to ask you out? We say wear this! It is cute, flirty, and fun. The Rosanna has an innocence in it with the bow on the front of the neckline, but it is still mature with the low neckline and the cinched waist. You could also wear this to a luncheon with your girlfriends, we promise they will ask you where you got it. You can also use it for any of those upcoming weddings you have been invited to, a backyard BBQ, or a trip to the museum.

This is a purchase you won’t regret, because you will wear it all summer. And yes, we do sound a little like an ad, but come on, we really can’t help it if we really love what we sell!

We want all of you to love what we sell too! Have you already made a summer dress purchase from us? Which dress did you choose? Tweet us with some of your pictures of you wearing your favorite summer dresses, and no, they don’t have to be from JBR Clothing, we just want to see your retro style in the works during these hot summer days!


Your Vintage Revolution Team @ JBR Clothing