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Dapper Day – Disneyland

14 Feb

Hey West Coast Gals, this year the women from JBR Clothing are going to be hitting the mean streets of Anaheim and stepping out for Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort!

Dapper Day is an unofficial event where people from all over the country visit Disneyland, Walt Disney World, or the Disney Resort in Paris dressed in their Sunday best. According to Dapper Day’s website they say this “DAPPER DAY Events at Disney Parks are your chance enjoy your favorite rides and attractions while looking your best. All sophisticated fashions, from vintage-inspired to contemporary chic, are encouraged. Active or retired military please consider wearing your dress uniform if you like.”

The dates for events vary depending on which resort you are visiting. For us West Coasters, Dapper Day will be happening the weekend of February 22 and 23. This is the first time JBR Clothing is going to the park, just as participants, not as a vendor, but we could not be any more excited then we are now!!

Since we decided this was an event we wanted to be a part of, we have been going through our look books seeing some of the styles we may want to bring out.

Haunted Mansion inspired outfit

This first look is one that I have worn to Disneyland on two different occasions. Both times I wore this dress, I was stopped by guests and cast members asking me if this was purchased in the park near the Haunted Mansion. I didn’t realize it until I was asked the first time, but the Folter Art Gallery dress does look like the hall of portraits in the Haunted Mansion. If you want to wear this out to Dapper Day, you can dress up the dress with fancier shoes and well coiffed hair. This is on the more casual side of the spectrum in terms of dressing up.

This next look is getting closer to the stepping out in style motto of Dapper Day. Taking the Hell Bunny Noreen Black Dress and adding accessories make this a great outfit to wear for Dapper Day. I liked this dress as a Dapper Day option because the skirt is a swing, allowing for you to feel a little cooler if the temperature is warm. It also does not lead to being restricted when you get on and off the rides, and the style totally captures that nostalgic feeling of Disneyland on opening day. I think adding a pair of wrist length gloves and swapping out a cigarette holder in place of a purse is a perfect option for the weekend.

The last option for Dapper Day is a more sophisticated look is the Stop Staring! Viola Dress. This is one of my favorite looks from Stop Staring in their most recent collection. The colors on the dress are so rich and vibrant it will make for wonderful photos in front of the castle. To make the look more comfortable for you while you run around the park, pair the dress with a cute pair of lace flats. I am in love with parasols and would suggest having one with you if the day is projected to be 80 or above.

Rachel and I have yet to nail down what looks we will be wearing while we are at Dapper Day next weekend, so we will try and keep you posted via Instagram what we decide on.

What are you planning on wearing? Will you be there? What events are rides are you most looking forward to? Share a comment with us or tag us in your Instagram photos, we love seeing where you are wearing JBR!


Your Team at JBR Clothing


Valentine’s Day Dates – Reloaded

8 Feb

We are one week away from Valentine’s Day!

When I started thinking about posts we could do about the big day I started thinking about date nights. It can be hard sometimes to come up with places to go that you don’t already frequent. So I started to think of places my husband and I enjoy going to when we want to do something out of the ordinary. Here is a list of places we enjoy and you might want to try out for your Valentine’s Day date.


Okay, this may totally seem cliché, but I am not talking the Melting Pot fondue (although there is nothing wrong with that) I am talking kitschy hole-in-the-wall type of places. Being based in Southern California, we are blessed with having tons of little eateries. If you do some digging, you may just find a fondue place that is not owned by a chain. Fondue is fun because you are basically eating cheese and dessert. Yes, you can go for the meat broth pots, but the cheese alone is amazing!

The reason my husband and I like doing this on occasion is because a restaurant like this is very intimate. You are in charge of preparing your food and can go at your own pace. Again, a great fondue place is normally filled with retro items, furniture and eclectic people.

Jazz Lounge

Find your local jazz lounge. Whether it is a hipster watering hole or an underground dive, it is sure to be a great way to spend your evening. Again, this is one of those places that normally affords you with interesting people watching, people are dressed up in their best attire, and you can wear your retro/repro best and not be out-of-place. My personal favorite lounge bar is the Hip Kitty in Claremont, California. It is not only a jazz lounge, but a fondue restaurant! We have celebrate many of my friends birthdays there.

Not only are you guaranteed to have some amazing music to listen to, lounges like these will usually have great bartenders! Ask what their house speciality cocktail is and try it, I am sure it will impress!

Go Dancing

If you are a normal person, your weekdays are jam-packed with work, friends, significant others, the gym, etc. How often do you get to slow down and enjoy the moment? This year for Valentine’s Day, take the chance to embrace the moment and dance. Sometimes when life is getting crazy, my husband and I go out on a Saturday and go dancing. Dancing is a great way to feel intimate and connected with your partner and you are also exercising and moving. We love finding a place with great music and other swing dancers. It is all about the environment and the crowd.

Try a local brewery or wine bar

Again, we are pretty lucky to live close to a college area where there are several streets of bars and night clubs. While we don’t especially love the crowds associated with college kids, it does allow us to be exposed to some boutique bars. For Valentine’s Day, you should take the risk and try that one bar that looks enticing with the weird name. Find out if the specialize in beer, wine, or whiskey. Normally if a place has a speciality you should be able to get an idea of what kind of clients it will attract.

The above picture is from a bar in Downtown Fullerton, California. Its speciality is Hops and Scotch – hence the name. Every time my husband and I have gone we are never disappointed in their choice of food and alcohol. The best part is that normally most of the crowd that frequents this place are older and more subdued.

What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Are you going big and all out, or will you be spending the evening doing something more low-key. Share with us how you are planning on celebrating!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Dresses to Knock Your Valentine’s Breath Away

5 Feb

Can you believe it ladies, Valentine’s Day is bearing down on us! With just a little over a week away, we wanted to give you our favorite dresses to wear for your special dates. Whether you are going out with your main squeeze, or celebrating with your girls, these looks are meant to make everyone drool over you.


Stop Staring! Love (Red)

The fun of this dress is in the details that Stop Staring! has added to this design! I cannot tell you how much I adore the bow in the back! There have been several women that have come into our store and are turned off by the bow detail in the back, thinking that it is too “young” and intended for women in their early twenties. I dare to disagree. This dress has a wonderful silhouette and can be worn by anyone. The dress is made from Stop Staring’s millennium fabric, which has a lot of stretch to it – read: it is very forgiving! The dress is ruched at the waist helping you look more defined if you are not a slim person.  And then there is the bow, the bow helps to draw attention to your back. It is placed at the waist and falls on the top part of your butt and hips. I honestly think that this bow helps give a reason for that special someone to be staring at you from behind. It is done in a way that makes the dress more sweet than slut.


H&R London Hearts and Roses Swing

H&R London has quickly become one of our best sellers for JBR! Our fans love the brand, the price point, and the designs of the dresses. For Valentine’s Day what could be better than the Hearts and Roses dress? Even if you don’t have a special Valentine’s this year, this is a perfect gift to give yourselves. I clearly love to find the dresses with the details, and this one changes up a traditional boat neckline by adding the fold down in the front with the buttons. The buttons are what get me on this dress. They are so cute and feminine along with the print.

4305RED-2T 4305RED-3T

Hell Bunny Arcadia Red 50’s Dress

Hell Bunny is all about the details when it comes to the print on their dresses. This year for Valentine’s Day try something with a little more edge with this dress! The print on this dress has hearts, flowers, skulls, keys, and bones! To me, this dress would be great for your girls dinner to celebrate not needing a man. The sweetheart neckline is done in black to contrast against the predominant red print on the dress. Hell Bunny has also added three small buttons down the front to make it look like a faux blouse. The banding around the waist helps to give the illusion of a corset and creates more definition in the waist line.

4309RED-2T 4309RED-3T

Hell Bunny Judy Red 50’s Dress

This last look is definitely the sweetest and more demure of the looks we like for Valentine’s Day. The dress is made from a stretch cotton and has a tiny white polka dot print on it. The neckline is different with a square cut, and Hell Bunny has added a lace piece to the front to make the dress more dainty. I love the way they accessorized their model with the little hat pinned on and the white petticoat. I think that if you are going to choose a dress like this, it is all about playing it up with the accessories. You could add pearls and flats. This would be a fun pick if you want to go swing dancing for the night.

These are our top picks for Valentine’s Day, what are the looks you are planning on wearing? Leave us a comment or tag us in your photos on Instagram. As always, we love to see what you are wearing from our store and how you are accessorizing!


Your Team at JBR Clothing