Week of Thanks: Best Sellers

26 Nov

Hey Dolls! We are bringing you a week of Thanks from JBR Clothting!

We know we are one day late, but better late than never! For today, we are bringing you our best-selling styles for our fall season. These dresses have us thankful that the designers gave us such cute prints and some of them are at affordable pricing!

Starting from the top right corner and working clockwise let us tell you our best sellers for fall:

1) Stop Staring Nova Dress:  This dress is one of Stop Staring!’s classic styles with the sweetheart neckline and slightly ruched waist. Not only is it a cut we love, but the print and color is so cute! The blue is on the borderline of navy, but has the pops of color with the flowers to break it up and make it a knock out look.

2) Stop Staring! Timeless: Ever since we introduced the Stop Staring! Timeless dress, we can’t keep it stocked on the shelves for everyone to enjoy! This dress comes in green, red, and grey. Any color that you purchase this dress in, you are sure to wear it all the time! I love the high waist and the side sash. Not only that, but the key hole on the front lets you feel like you are showing off a little something.

3) Hell Bunny Eternity: When we first saw this dress we weren’t sure how any of our fans would like it. This is the first time we have seen a dress with sleeves from Hell Bunny and we took a risk and carried it. The result has been astounding as many of you have purchased it and told us how much you enjoy wearing it. The print has large red flowers and makes you want to bust out your dance shoes and go swing dancing.

4) H&R London Mini Polka Dot: H&R has quickly become one of our best-selling lines since we have introduced it. You love the prints, style, and the price point. You honestly can’t beat it when it comes to bang for your buck! This season for H&R, the  mini polka dot dresses have been very popular. Just like the Timeless, this dress comes in several color options: blue, red, and black.

5)Hell Bunny Cynthia: The Cynthia is such a sweet dress. It is so cute with the Peter Pan lace collar and the chiffon material. I actually owned an original vintage dress like this when I was in high school  and this dress brings me back to high school! I would wear this all the time if I could! It is a well constructed dress and worth the money.

These five dresses have driven us crazy this fall, and we are so thankful to the designers for creating them! We can’t wait for the next season to see what other cute items will thrill us!

Tell us what dresses you purchased this year that you are thankful for!


Your Team at JBR Clothing


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