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A JBR Girl Black Friday Wish List

28 Nov

We have been sharing with you all week about the things we are thankful for here at JBR Clothing. Today, on this day of Thanksgiving (for those of us in the US), we are thankful for our friends, family, and coworkers. It is with love and friendship that we make it through life. But besides the millions of thanks we are reminded of today, let us not forget the start of the tremendous shopping season ahead of us!

We have put together a very short list of the items we would suggest putting on your Black Friday shopping list or on your Christmas Wish List! As a reminder, we will be giving customers who purchase between Midnight EST to 8 AM Est 25% off  their purchase, and those that purchase anytime after 8 AM EST will get 20% off the rest of the day. With sales like this, you don’t want to pass on the chance to buy something that you might not be able to splurge on.

 JBR Clothing Christmas Wish List

Starting from the middle photo and working our way clockwise these are the items we suggest getting your savings on:

1) STOP STARING! Molly Dress: We ADORE plaid for the holidays and these dress is such a cute cut you would be crazy to not want one!

2) Hell Bunny Angeline Coat: When we got this coat in it was still 100 degrees here in California, but now that the weather is cooling off we suggest making this one of your winter coats for this year. We love that the coat is long enough to cover your dresses and that it doesn’t leave you looking boxy!

3) Betty Page Red Glitter Dress: There are no other words than OH-EM-GEEEEEEEE. When I saw this dress hanging in our showroom I knew that it was going to be an instant holiday dress. I suggest if you have a holiday event to attend, snag one of these dresses before we sell out – and do it at the sale price! This is one of those dresses that people will be talking about all night!

4) Lux de Ville Bon Voyage Kiss Lock: There are rarely sales on the Lux items and this is your chance to grab a fab new purse. We have really loved the Bon Voyage purses for some time now, so whether you are interested in the small Kiss Lock, or the Larger tote, we think you should grab one on discount!

5) Loungefly Skully Satchel: We have loved Loungefly from the moment we started carrying them, and it seems to be our fans have too! If you are one of the many ladies who has an obsession with skulls, then now is your chance to get one of our Skully Satchels or coin purses!

6) Hell Bunny Millie Coat: Again, we are featuring one of the coats that we are carrying for the winter. Last season we carried the Millie and it was purchased by quite a few of our fans, this season Hell Bunny brought it back but with an addition. Hell Bunny has added length to the coat so that it now will cover your dresses. Before, the Millie came to about the middle of your thigh and now it comes to just above the knee. We really loved the fit on this coat and the femininity it creates with the cut.

7) Stop Staring! Charlotte Dress: We can’t get enough of Stop Staring! – if that wasn’t evident from how many times it shows up on our lists of things we love, so we wanted to give you another dress we think you would love to buy during our Black Friday Sale. The Charlotte dress is one of those items that will become a staple piece in your closet. You can wear it out to work or to an event in the evening. What we like about this dress especially, is the collar, it helps make the dress different from some of the other Stop Staring! pieces.

We hope we have given you some inspiration to help you while you begin the madness of shopping for the holiday! Remember to take advantage of all the sales out there and to treat yourself to something nice. Keep checking the blog for more style board ideas for your holiday looks!


Your Team at JBR Clothing


Week of Thanks: Best Sellers

26 Nov

Hey Dolls! We are bringing you a week of Thanks from JBR Clothting!

We know we are one day late, but better late than never! For today, we are bringing you our best-selling styles for our fall season. These dresses have us thankful that the designers gave us such cute prints and some of them are at affordable pricing!

Starting from the top right corner and working clockwise let us tell you our best sellers for fall:

1) Stop Staring Nova Dress:  This dress is one of Stop Staring!’s classic styles with the sweetheart neckline and slightly ruched waist. Not only is it a cut we love, but the print and color is so cute! The blue is on the borderline of navy, but has the pops of color with the flowers to break it up and make it a knock out look.

2) Stop Staring! Timeless: Ever since we introduced the Stop Staring! Timeless dress, we can’t keep it stocked on the shelves for everyone to enjoy! This dress comes in green, red, and grey. Any color that you purchase this dress in, you are sure to wear it all the time! I love the high waist and the side sash. Not only that, but the key hole on the front lets you feel like you are showing off a little something.

3) Hell Bunny Eternity: When we first saw this dress we weren’t sure how any of our fans would like it. This is the first time we have seen a dress with sleeves from Hell Bunny and we took a risk and carried it. The result has been astounding as many of you have purchased it and told us how much you enjoy wearing it. The print has large red flowers and makes you want to bust out your dance shoes and go swing dancing.

4) H&R London Mini Polka Dot: H&R has quickly become one of our best-selling lines since we have introduced it. You love the prints, style, and the price point. You honestly can’t beat it when it comes to bang for your buck! This season for H&R, the  mini polka dot dresses have been very popular. Just like the Timeless, this dress comes in several color options: blue, red, and black.

5)Hell Bunny Cynthia: The Cynthia is such a sweet dress. It is so cute with the Peter Pan lace collar and the chiffon material. I actually owned an original vintage dress like this when I was in high school  and this dress brings me back to high school! I would wear this all the time if I could! It is a well constructed dress and worth the money.

These five dresses have driven us crazy this fall, and we are so thankful to the designers for creating them! We can’t wait for the next season to see what other cute items will thrill us!

Tell us what dresses you purchased this year that you are thankful for!


Your Team at JBR Clothing


Gypsy Rose Lee: Burleque Queen

1 Nov

Happy Friday Dolls!
As we head into the weekend, I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite burlesque dancers of all time, GYPSY ROSE LEE!

The other day I was asked if I knew who Carol Burnett was, I of course did, but during the conversation I had I was informed that the generations around me no longer know about Carol Burnett, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, or many other “old time” actors.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a house where Gregory Peck was king, Audrey Hepburn was the definition of a demure, Katharine Hepburn was a revolutionist, Ingrid Bergman was the epitome of class, Cary Grant was most definitely straight, and these were people to admire. My parents always allowed me to watch the Hollywood classics. I know what a MGM musical is like, and who was got signed with Warner Brothers but left to go to Paramount Pictures. Many nights of watching Turner Classic Movies has given me this information, but I suppose many people are starting to forgot.

For those of us who chose to dress, look, and act a certain way (Vintage Living!), these stars and their movies helped to shape who we are. When I started to think about the stars that I loved so much, I thought of one of my favorite movies, “Gypsy” with Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood.

In the movie we are told the story of how the famous burlesque dancer Gypsy Rose Lee came to be. This movie is partially based off Gypsy Rose Lee’s autobiography where she discusses her past and her stage manager mom (the first momager!).

When I was younger, I would ask my mom who Gypsy was, why was she famous, what was she doing stripping in the movie. My mother would answer that she revolutionized burlesque. She made it more about teasing the men, not about stripping down to nothing. I become entranced by her. How could a woman be so sexy and powerful without taking off her clothes?

Growing up in the nineties, and becoming an adult in  the early 2000’s, I was of a generation of Brittany’s, X-Tina’s, and skin. Why did you have to conform to showing it all off to be noticed. Giving high school guys my entire flesh was never my thing. This brings us back to Gypsy Rose Lee. Gypsy was more than a “fan dancer” she was educated, she was funny, she had goals outside of being used for her body.

While many in the industry might have scoffed at her “education,” she continued to want to better her life in any way that she could. Listening to her speak, and reading her writing, you get a sense of a woman that knew what she was doing and made calculated choices.

I admire her for choosing to do and act in the way that she did. Many conjectures about her popularity have to do with her wit and her “bits” on stage. Not only was she slowly stripping away her clothing, Gypsy would make jokes, and speak to the audience. She made up all of her acts, wrote her songs, and made many of her costumes. She truly was a talent beyond being a stripper.

If this is your first time hearing about Gypsy Rose Lee (which I really hope it isn’t), I encourage you to read more about her life. I would suggest starting off by watching the movie Gypsy. 2 wonderful actresses capture her early life so well, you can’t help but love her. In it, the writers even added the real criticism that Gypsy faced once she became famous.

I have added one of my favorite Gypsy clips that I found on Youtube, that helps to introduce her.

I hope you dolls learned a little more about the Queen of Burlesque. Have a wonderful weekend!


Your Team at JBR Clothing