Trick or Treat: Couple’s Costume

30 Oct

Hey Dolls, with Halloween being tomorrow, I just wanted to share one final and simple costume idea. This is something that my husband and I came up with to have a fun and unique costume.

Items needed for “Her’s” costume: 1 vintage repro dress, 1 fancy apron, flour, and whisk.

Items needed for “His” costume: 2 yards tulle, one bag of neon craft fluffs, 3 pieces of poster paper, 1 round laundry basket, 2 rolls of quilt batting.




photo 1

I simply had to put on a dress, apron and patted flour on my face and hair to make my look.

For my husband’s look, Rachel did the following steps to create it:

1: Take a round laundry basket and cut the bottom out.

2. Take the 3 pieces of poster paper and fold it in an accordion style and glue it on to the laundry basket. You may need to fit the length so it isn’t look long.

3: For the “icing” take the quilt batting and twist it and glue it to make it round. After making a circle for each layer, double wrap it in the tulle. Over the top of the tulle, we chose to spray glitter and add the neon crafting fluffs for “sprinkles.

4 (optional): Add velcro between the layers of icing to keep it from slipping or moving over the course of the night. We also took a present bow topper and glued it to a hair clip to be the sprinkle on top.


It is that simple! And can I just say, our costumes were a hit! We have had several friends ask to borrow the look next year.

photo 3

Happy Halloween!

Be sure to send us photos or tag us on instagram (@jbrclothing) if you are wearing something JBR out for Halloween!


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