Fashion Designer Friday

11 Oct

Happy Friday Ladies! You have made it through the week! As we head into the weekend, I had to share with you one of our latest fashion obsession.

About a year ago I heard of a new up and coming shoe designer called Charlotte Olympia. She is known for her unique shoe designs and flare for detail. I immediately searched her out. While her shoes are definitely not for a woman on a budget, they are too cute to not adore from a distance.

(the lovely designer)

When you go on to the company website  (click here for the link), you are immediately assaulted with the visual lux that are her shoes. Right now for Halloween they are doing a collection of shoes that are a chic way to celebrate.

All of her designs have a sense of whimsy while being constructed in a retro way. I am dying to get my hands on a pair of her zodiac sign loafers.


Some of her heels have been seen on the feet of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars.

Stars in Charlotte Olympia

But here is the real clincher behind why I love her. She really embodies the idea of contemporary retro. She unabashedly dresses and styles herself in a way most would define as vintage but makes it look fresh. I started following her in Instagram (click here for link to profile),  and I would suggest if you are looking for a new icon to follow, follow her! She posts photos of her latest store openings, her new baby, and designs she is currently working on. My favorite is when she posts photos of the outfits she is wearing. I find inspiration in what she posts and it makes me want to find new ways to wear my clothing to make it seem more fresh than stale. It helps give me a boots in finding ways to accessorize so that I am able to stand out.

So even if you can’t afford to buy a pair of her killer heels, I say take a moment our of your day and look at the Charlotte Olympia website and her Instagram account. It will make you feel fabulous as you start your weekend.


Your JBR Clothing Team


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