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Trick or Treat: Couple’s Costume

30 Oct

Hey Dolls, with Halloween being tomorrow, I just wanted to share one final and simple costume idea. This is something that my husband and I came up with to have a fun and unique costume.

Items needed for “Her’s” costume: 1 vintage repro dress, 1 fancy apron, flour, and whisk.

Items needed for “His” costume: 2 yards tulle, one bag of neon craft fluffs, 3 pieces of poster paper, 1 round laundry basket, 2 rolls of quilt batting.




photo 1

I simply had to put on a dress, apron and patted flour on my face and hair to make my look.

For my husband’s look, Rachel did the following steps to create it:

1: Take a round laundry basket and cut the bottom out.

2. Take the 3 pieces of poster paper and fold it in an accordion style and glue it on to the laundry basket. You may need to fit the length so it isn’t look long.

3: For the “icing” take the quilt batting and twist it and glue it to make it round. After making a circle for each layer, double wrap it in the tulle. Over the top of the tulle, we chose to spray glitter and add the neon crafting fluffs for “sprinkles.

4 (optional): Add velcro between the layers of icing to keep it from slipping or moving over the course of the night. We also took a present bow topper and glued it to a hair clip to be the sprinkle on top.


It is that simple! And can I just say, our costumes were a hit! We have had several friends ask to borrow the look next year.

photo 3

Happy Halloween!

Be sure to send us photos or tag us on instagram (@jbrclothing) if you are wearing something JBR out for Halloween!


Your Team at JBR Clothing


Transitioning With the Seasons

30 Oct

Wonderful review of one of our products !

Pin Up Persuasion

One of the most common question I get asked is: How do you wear the Pin Up look year round? Well I am about to learn with all of you! In previous years, I locked all my beautiful dresses away in the closet during the cold winter months and simply succumbed to wearing pants. This year, I have vowed to transition my retro wardrobe into winter and not give in to taking the easy way out. If some of you don’t already know, I reside in Canada; known to be very cold, with lots of snow during our winter months. With this new mission in place, the first item on the agenda was finding Outerwear. Not just any coat, it has to be designed to flatter our swing dresses and not cost a small fortune. The H & R London Brocade Coat from JBR Clothing fit both of those requirements…

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Fast Tip Wednesday Halloween Edition

16 Oct

Happy Wednesday Ladies! We are in the middle of the work week but dreaming of Halloween parties! This weekend will mark the start of many of the Halloween festivities and we wanted to be prepared!

Just like we did last year, we went through our inventory and came up with some quick costume ideas. All you need is the dress from JBR Clothing and the accessories from Target. Yes, we got all of our accessories from Target (and a majority from their Dollar Stop!).

We wanted to focus on dresses that we could wear to work during the day, then add a few simple items and stop in at a Halloween party. I can tell you this, Rachel plans on wearing the SPOILER ALERT Frankenstein costume!

photo 2

Our first costume is a simple witch! All you need is the Zombie Dress from Folter and a witch’s hat. We paired our dress with a purple hat to give you extra color and drama. We kept the purple theme going by adding the Acai Hello Kitty Loungefly Embossed Tote for the day look.

photo 3

This was our favorite look that we shot for this spread. Like I said, Rachel has already told us that she plans on buying the Bats 50’s Green dress from Hell Bunny to recreate this look for her Halloween celebration.  We added a green petticoat for extra volume in the skirt. For the day look we paired it with the Doomed cardigan from Hell Bunny  for those people who can’t wear a halter into their job. For the costume part we found a simple mask from the Dollar Spot and a set of glow in the dark vampire teeth. They looked less like vampire teeth and just scary monster teeth.

photo 1

To get a simple devil outfit we chose the H&R London Red Mini Polka Dot Halter Swing dress. Target sells a devil kit that comes with horns, bow tie, and tail. Instead of using the bow tie, we bought a capelet from the Halloween section of Target (costing approximately $20).  Accentuate this look with a powerful red lip and you are done. If you want to add more drama, we would suggest purchasing a pair of black cuff gloves (we thought the fingerless one would look great).


Our final costume idea is a simple black cat.  IDEA ALERT: If you and a friend are going out together, one of you can be the witch the other the black cat!  In order to get this look you need the Stop Staring! Nightlife Swing dress and either cat ears, or a cat mask like we used above. We added more feminine details by using a double strand pearl necklace and a black satin sash.

We hope that these ideas gave you a new perspective on how you can create a Halloween costume that can be worn after the one day holiday! If you have another way that you can create a costume from your JBR dress, please email them to us, Tweet us, post to Facebook or tag us on Instagram! We love to see how you are making our items uniquely yours!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Fashion Designer Friday

11 Oct

Happy Friday Ladies! You have made it through the week! As we head into the weekend, I had to share with you one of our latest fashion obsession.

About a year ago I heard of a new up and coming shoe designer called Charlotte Olympia. She is known for her unique shoe designs and flare for detail. I immediately searched her out. While her shoes are definitely not for a woman on a budget, they are too cute to not adore from a distance.

(the lovely designer)

When you go on to the company website  (click here for the link), you are immediately assaulted with the visual lux that are her shoes. Right now for Halloween they are doing a collection of shoes that are a chic way to celebrate.

All of her designs have a sense of whimsy while being constructed in a retro way. I am dying to get my hands on a pair of her zodiac sign loafers.


Some of her heels have been seen on the feet of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars.

Stars in Charlotte Olympia

But here is the real clincher behind why I love her. She really embodies the idea of contemporary retro. She unabashedly dresses and styles herself in a way most would define as vintage but makes it look fresh. I started following her in Instagram (click here for link to profile),  and I would suggest if you are looking for a new icon to follow, follow her! She posts photos of her latest store openings, her new baby, and designs she is currently working on. My favorite is when she posts photos of the outfits she is wearing. I find inspiration in what she posts and it makes me want to find new ways to wear my clothing to make it seem more fresh than stale. It helps give me a boots in finding ways to accessorize so that I am able to stand out.

So even if you can’t afford to buy a pair of her killer heels, I say take a moment our of your day and look at the Charlotte Olympia website and her Instagram account. It will make you feel fabulous as you start your weekend.


Your JBR Clothing Team

Fast Tip Wednesday: Body Measurements

3 Oct

Hey Dolls, welcome to our new and improved JBR Clothing Blog! We have been trying to find a new template that fits our fashion style and we are hoping that this one is it!

We are finally back to bring you more of the posts that you LOVE every week! This week we are going to talk about how to take your body measurements!

All right, no one likes facing their size, but when you are an online clothing company like us, we get TONS of questions from our clients asking us how to figure out their size. Today we have a few videos that we recorded on how you can find your measurements at home to figure out which of the dresses we carry will fit your body.




These are the three most basic measurements you will need. We have also included additional measurements you may find a use for. We are going to provide you with how to find torso and shoulder width.


Shoulder Width:

By following the directions we have provided, you will be able to find a dress that is fitted for your body. We want to make sure that each dress you are purchasing is one you can’t wait to wear and don’t want to take off.

We hope you enjoyed our latest post and love the look of the new blog layout! We can’t wait to hear from you, leave us a comment or share our post on Facebook, Twitter, or Email!


Your JBR Clothing Team