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Rowenas Blowout Sale

28 Feb

We love to show support to our fellow shops, check out their site to snag some of their sale items…or full priced items if you would like!


Rowena is having a huge blowout sale this weekend!! This is your chance to get some amazing things at insane prices!! All sale items are an additional 50% off and all white tagged items are 50% off… that means uber cheap PUG, Heartbreaker, HellBunny, Iron Fist, and all the brands you love most. A ton of awesome stock has been brought down to the basement-I have seen it with my own eyes, and I am telling you, this is one sale you do not want to miss!! Guys, dont think we forgot about you… there is tuns of stuff for you too!


Head down to Rowena this weekend to check out the wicked sale in the basement and stop in upstairs to see all the new goodies we have!

Check out the facebook event page for more info, including the times of the sale. And dont forget about the website!! There…

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Fast Tip Wednesday: 5 Essential Items to Vintage Living

28 Feb

Happy Wednesday Dolls! Welcome to another posting of Fast Tips brought to you by your team at JBR Clothing!

This week we wanted to bring you the 5 essential items every retro/pin up woman should have in her possession!

1. Red Lips

Every vintage loving woman should own a red lipstick or lip liner to use! I never knew the difference that a wonderful red could make until recently. I always felt that red would overpower me, but it really doesn’t. I tried using red lipstick one day when I did a lighter look for my eyes, everyone I ran into that day complimented me on the look. They said the red really made my skin glow! I will never be without one now!

2. Good Eyeliner

Now I personally like to use the MAC eyeliner pots and use a thin brush to get my preferred look, but if you prefer a liquid I would suggest the Kat Von D line through Sephora. A good eyeliner is essential to being able to make sure you can create the cat eye look that is so popular for a retro look. With the eyeliner pot I am able to make the winged portion of my eye as thin or thick as I like.

3. Shapewear

OK, I know this is a subject matter most women don’t want to talk about, but there is no shame in it! When I find a dress that I really love, regardless of if it is a swing style or wiggle, I like to wear it with a good set of shapewear! There is something about having it on that not only makes me feel more comfortable in my dress, but it makes me love the way the outfit looks. I feel it really is that extra touch to connecting it with the past. I can’t imagine that many women left the house without their best shapewear on. Maybe that is just me.

4. One Pair of Round Toed Pumps

Regardless of what color you like for your shoes, you must have at least one pair of round toed pumps. While many other styles may come into season (the pointy look is coming back to the mainstream if you care) a round toed pump is classic. It will go with any outfit, I promise!

5. Bobby Pins

Any vintage/retro/pin up or rockabilly woman will tell you this, you will need to use bobby pins if you plan on getting a true vintage look. Of course, many women will say this is universal, and it can be, but retro women know the truth; I live by my bobby pins. Bobby pins allow me to make quick victory rolls, I can do pin curls if I choose, there are so many things that are open to me.

Of course, all of this would be including the perfect retro dress! If you already have a dress, all of these items are things you will need in your arsenal of goods to complete your look. These are the essentials to start your retro lifestyle!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: At Magic

20 Feb

Hey Dolls,

Happy Wednesday!! Don’t think we forgot you all! We are still running around Magic and won’t be able to post this week. We will have a post for you later this week and have more fast tips next week.


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: Polishing Patent Leather Pumps

13 Feb

All right Dolls, it is that time of the week again, fast tip Wednesday!

This week we are bringing you one of our all time favorite tips; how to polish your patent leather pumps. Now ladies, I am not sure about all of you, but I LIVE in my patent leather heels. I have a pair of round toed pumps and a peep toe pump. They are my go to shoes.

Like any woman, the heels I love I wear the most frequently. Because of my love affair with patent leather, I am oftentimes left with shoes that get scuffed from my feet rubbing under my desk or walking.

I used to get so bummed out thinking that I would have to retire yet another pair of my favorites. What was worse was having to find a replacement pair that felt like the ones I had just given up (HA!). After going through this with three pairs of shoes I was lamenting to a girlfriend one day about my problems and she said to me, “Um, why haven’t you used a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?”



How have I lived my life without knowing this!?!? This advice could not have come at a better time, my friend told me as I was preparing to take my engagement photos! I immediately went home and opened my cleaning closet to find a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Now for those of you who have never used one before, I would recommend cutting a small piece. These things really are magic! I only ever use a small piece when I am cleaning, so I used a piece that was roughly an inch to a half inch off the top of the eraser. I then followed the directions on the box for cleaning. I wet the erase and went to town on my heels!

In a matter of five minutes my heels looked fantastic! Most of the surface scuff marks had been removed and they looked close to new. I will say that if you have deep scuffs or areas that have been worn and are rough, this will not work. This is for basic surface marks. I use an old hand towel to dry off my shoes after I have finished using the magic eraser. I swear, they look so much better!

After having done this myself, I felt that I had to share this tip as one of our posts. I know there are a lot of women who could save a pair of shoes they think are looking a little sad.

As always, try it out at home and tell us how it works for you! We love to hear what you think of our tips!


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Magic in the Air

12 Feb

We are t-minus 7 days from leaving for our trip to the Magic Trade Show. As always, we wanted to let you know that we will be hitting the Fashion Market searching for the best of all the latest styles from your favorite brands.

In order to better plan our trip, we wanted to give our fans the opportunity to tell us about any of the brands that you would love to see us carry. We can’t promise that we will carry them, but we will try and stop by and see what they have that may fit with our shop.

Magic is one of our favorite events to attend because we are able to meet with some of the designers and ask them personally about their lines. We are also able to see and touch the dresses. If there are certain brands we do carry that have specific pieces you are looking for make sure to leave us a comment and we will get you info on material and when they will be shipping to us.

Again, we are super excited so stay posted to the blog to see what we have in store.


Your Team at JBR Clothing

Fast Tip Wednesday: Lip Liner

6 Feb

Hi Dolls, happy Wednesday to you all!

This week’s tip may be one of our fastest tips yet! Today we are bringing you lip liner as your lipstick!


OK, now this may seem like an old hat trick to many of you, but it was new to us here at HQ! We went to an all ladies dinner and while we were out we couldn’t help but notice one of our friend’s lipstick seemed to last all through dinner! When we asked her what she was using she said it was lip liner!!!!

She just finds the shade of red she loves and uses that to fill in her lips. She then coats it with either a Chapstick or a lip gloss and the color lasts up to three hours!


I did not believe it, so I had to test it myself. Sure enough it worked! Now mine didn’t last more than an hour and a half, but I drink a lot of water and rub my lips together out of habit.

I love this tip because lipstick can be pretty expensive and this is a good alternative. I also feel less upset if I lose a lip liner than losing a lip stick.

Try this tip out and tell us what you think! Or if you have done it before let us know your thoughts!


Your Team at JBR Clothing