Super Shopper Saturday: A Guide to Shopping for the Vintage Loving Woman

8 Dec

With the holiday season here, we know many of you are spending you Saturdays inside of malls, boutiques, and all sorts of shops looking for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. We thought we would put together a quick shopping guide to help give you an idea of the items your friends may love! And if you find something you like on the post, you can conveniently forward this to a friend or post it on your Twitter and Facebook to help give everyone a hint 😉

We tried to find gifts that should be available at most local US retailers, and of course here at JBR, to make it easier for you to find and purchase everything you may need. What is even better, is now that most companies have shopping online, you can shop it all at the click of the mouse (Hear that men? If your girlfriend or wife sent this to you, just pick an item and follow the link to buy it! No need to enter a mall!)

Now on to the fun stuff, the gifts we would love to receive!


First up is this amazing eye shadow palette from the Kat Von D line at Sephora. We would like to thank Jessica at Pin Up Persuasion for writing such an excellent review of the product, which prompted us to go out and buy some of the items for ourselves.

The eye shadow palettes come in different shades of color, but we like the Sinner set because we felt like the colors were more versatile. You can use this palette with the softer colors for the daytime when you are at work, then when you are leaving the office and ready to hit the town, all you have to do is mix in the darker shades to give yourself an instant smokey eye!

Most of the color palettes have the mix of the soft and dark colors, so if you are looking for something that will be a go-to make up kit, any of the colors will be a winner, but we think EVERYONE will love the Sinner set.


Continuing with the Kat Von D make up, you MUST HAVE her Triple Threat Tattoo Liner. Honestly, as any lover of pin up knows, you need to invest in good eyeliner. If you are not that good with creating the perfect cat-eye, these will help you to achieve that look.

The liner is easy to use and is long lasting. What we loved about this set is that it comes with three different tips to achieve three different looks. I personally like to use Poetica the most. It is the bolder chisel. Being a woman that wears glasses, I like to make sure that my liner can be seen through my frames and this definitely gets me that look.


For the woman that loves to have her nails done, I would suggest purchasing Essie nail polish from Target, specifically in Fishnet Stockings.

What I love about Essie from Target is that you are paying a little more for a nail polish, approximately $7.79, but you get a quality polish. I personally think that the quality of this polish is better than the Sephora brand polishes. My polish has not clumped; and when I put it on, it is smooth from the first coat.

I happened to buy Fishnet on a whim. I was going to a wedding wearing Stop Staring’s Ashely dress in Dove and I needed a color that would really pop against the dress. I am extremely picky about my reds. I do not like frosted colors and I try to stay away from reds with a purple undertone. I like classic red, which is hard to come by.

I was lucky when I stumbled upon Fishnet by Essie. It is a true red and it reminds me of the 1950’s. It is classic and elegant. The color makes your nails shine in a subtle way and it goes with any outfit you wear it with. The only thing I will warn you about is that you need to use a base coat before you put the color on. If you don’t, your nails will have red staining. I haven’t had stain issues the times I have used a base coat.

elfcube elfcubecloseup

Another nail polish favorite from Target is the e.l.f. Nail Polish Cube.

This cube comes in at $10! For that price, you are getting 15 mini polishes in jewel tones. We picked this as one of our favorites because it is perfect for the holiday season! There are so many chances to wear fun, bright, and sparkly colors, but you don’t want to spend a fortune on a color that you will never wear again.

The girls of JBR love to paint their own nails, and as such, we also love to switch out the polish every week. A gift like this allows us to be able to change our color as frequently as we want, without feeling the guilt over wasting money on new colors.


Let me just say, when I saw this purse at Magic in August, the first thing I said was “This purse is going to kill it for the holidays.” The Lux de Ville Mini Gambler in Champagne Sparkle is one of my favorite purses that JBR is carrying right now!

This tote is a perfect gift for a few reasons: first of all, what woman doesn’t want a new hand bag? This is a great tote to have in your closet because of the size. You can use this as a cross body purse, or as a single shoulder strap purse. The color makes it so that you can wear it with anything, and then the fact that is has a shimmer to it just drives me wild. The other thing that is great about the purse, is that Lux de Ville has changed the lining, now on the inside you have this red that pops against the champagne. With a price of just $56, it makes it one of the more affordable purse choices around!



We love scarves. They are one of the best gifts to get during the holidays, and if the right ones are purchased you will be able to wear them throughout the year.

We suggest the fashion scarves from Target as our favorites to gift. Most of the scarves, particularly from Mossimo and Merona, tend to be a light weight cotton material in great prints and colors. These scarves are the best because you can wrap them tightly around your neck in the winter to help keep warm, and then in the summer if you make a loose knot around it, you can wear it as an accent to your summer dresses. The other wonderful thing about gifting one of these scarves is that they come in at $12-15! For the price, you really can’t beat it!

These are just some of our favorite items to gift our friends during the holiday season! Let us know what you will be gifting to your loved ones, or maybe what you want for yourselves!

Next week we will be posting our favorite holiday dresses that will make you a hit at any holiday party you find yourself attending!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing


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