Meet the Queen, The Queen of Heartz

7 Sep

After having a few very exciting weeks here at JBR Clothing, we are FINALLY back to a somewhat normal routine for us! As many of you know, we went to Magic to stock up on the latest fall looks for you, then we had to rush home to prep for the launch of our FIRST EVER storefront!

We would like to thank all those lovely ladies who drove out to see us for our grand opening – it was a pleasure to meet you and put faces, voices, and names together with fans we know from Facebook and Twitter!

With the dust having settled, new shipments organized and posted on the site, and our office finally looking clean, we wanted to make sure to blog and introduce you to our latest addition to the JBR Family: Queen of Heartz!!!!

(Image courtesy of Queen of Heartz)

Queen of Heartz is located in beautiful Orange County, founded by Letty Tennant. We met Letty at Magic and fell in love with her, and of course her wonderful clothing. Letty was fun, warm and inviting at her booth, it was honestly what made us stop and take a look at her clothing. And once we saw her designs we knew that many of you would love them!

When we were at the booth the model was wearing this dress, the Priscilla Brown Floral Dress! We had to stop because the material that this dress is constructed from is the highest quality cotton. It was amazing how the skirt was able to hold its full form without the use of the petti coat!!! Sometimes you just don’t want to wear one, and with this dress you don’t have to. Not only that, this cotton is thick and will wear well in the cold winter months. We really think this is a dress many of you will love.

The thing we love about her items are the quality of the material she uses. You really can’t replicate it or find it in another line of clothing. Each one of these dresses is made from hand picked fabrics and the dresses are designed with this in mind. The price of the dress is definitely worth it for the quality of the material. We really feel that these dresses will withstand many trips to the dry cleaner and not look the worse for wear.

Not only does Queen of Heartz carry well crafted everyday dresses, but they carry a bridal line and swimsuits. While these are not items that we are currently carrying at JBR Clothing, if fans enjoy the hand crafted dresses we may branch out depending on fan demand!

If you purchase one of the dresses make sure to send us your review of it! We love to hear what you have to say! Also, if you would like us to do a wrap-up of the Magic show, please leave us a comment and we will be sure to write one for our next post!


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing


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