The Price of Vintage

16 Jul

Happy Monday Dolls, we hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend was spent hunting through vintage stores looking for pieces to add to our new storefront for decoration. With our move from Fullerton to Brea, we have the chance for customers to come in and see our dresses and try them on. We want to make sure from the moment you step inside our store we embody the details that we love about the rockabilly/pin-up scene. That being said, we have been searching for pieces that will do just that!

In our search for store accessories, we have been introduced to new stores in our area, but it has also posed some questions for us that we wanted to share with all of you, and that is, what is the price of vintage?

OK, for all of us who LOVE this lifestyle there is no limit to the price we spend on dresses, shoes, handbags, or accessories, but really what are we willing to spend and why? We want to discuss a few points and would love for you to leave us your thoughts about this for us!

First of all, if we didn’t love vintage, we wouldn’t work for JBR Clothing and show our support for the awesome clothing we carry! We are lucky enough to say we love what we do and who we represent, but sometimes in our search for more we find ourselves spending more than we would like in boutique stores.

When it comes to shopping around there are a lot of things to consider. We know that the dresses that we carry are reproductions of silhouettes and prints from a different era. We also know that the material our dresses are made from tend to be a higher quality and will last us through a few seasons and several trips to the dry cleaners.

So, when we spend our weekends searching for new dresses or accessories from vintage stores, we ask ourselves is the cost worth the quality of what we are getting in return?

Vintage is “in” right now, there are a lot of hipsters running around trying to recreate looks many of us have worn for years, and this has driven the price of many of these items up. When we go shopping there are four things we look at before determining if it is worth the price the store is selling the item for.

1) We look at labels: Who made the item (regardless of whether it is jewelry, furniture, dresses, etc)? Become familiar with your favorite designers and know what their trademark is. This weekend when we were looking for decorations and we saw cute cups and dishes we looked for labels at the bottom of glasses. Did it have the trademark stamps we were looking for?

2) Material: We try to make ourselves familiar with the popular materials used during the time period and what the designer preferred. Oftentimes when you go into a store and they are selling “vintage” pieces, they are from the 1950’s & 60’s, but they are low quality. When you feel them, the dresses are usually a polyester blend that will not end up holding up. It may look good because it was just freed from a house during an estate sale, but it also hasn’t been worn in over 3 decades. BEWARE!!!! Ask yourself: for the price, will this material hold up after a few washes? It will help determine it’s worth of purchasing.

3) State at Purchase: This may seem simple, but you want to make sure to inspect the item you are about to purchase. Look at the seams, check hemming, or the pockets. You want to make sure you are chief inspector and that you aren’t surprised to find a hole in the back of the dress you just purchased.

These three steps will help you determine the worth of the item. Price gouging is common and we hate to be taken advantage of, we want all of you to be experts when it comes vintage living!

Of course, the final step is this:

4) The Worth to You: You are the only person that can determine whether or not you really want to pay for the item you found! Sure, your friends may think you are crazy, but if in the end you HAVE to have the item you are the final judge. There have been a few times we have been out and we have spent more than we normally would, but it was because we found something that drove us over the moon with excitement.

Make sure to set real expectations for yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t ALWAYS find what you want at the price you wanted it for, but don’t be blindsided! Determine what the price of vintage is for you.

For many of us, we spend a little more than the average shopper, but that is because the price of living a vintage lifestyle if worth it. Tell us how you determine the price of your vintage lifestyle. What are the boundaries you set for yourself? What other tips can you share?


Your Vintage Revolution Team at JBR Clothing


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