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New Blog, New Look

23 May

Hey Ladies!

Welcome to the brand new Vintage Revolution blog! Now don’t worry, we haven’t made the full move, so we will be posting here as well as the old blog until we get this looking perfect for all of you! Until then, we want to know what you think of our new look!

Is this easier to navigate? Like the new lay out?

We have even made it easy to add photos you like from the blog to pinterest! Not only that, but we have now included a countdown to the Magic Trade show, so you will know when we are there and when to be checking Twitter to get sneak peeks at what we can carry in stock for the next season!

This move it to make this a better reading experience for you, so tell us the truth!

**Love Your JBR Clothing Team**


Rave Reviews: Stop Staring Maria Dress

23 May
Today we are bringing you ladies something new, RAVE REVIEWS! This is chance for us, or our fans, to review dresses that they have purchased. And while we know it may not seem fair to review our own stock, we HAD to do it! Simply because someone here fell in LOVE with the Stop Staring Maria Dress and wanted to share it with our fans! But if you are looking for more reviews of many of the dresses we carry, from a non JBR blogger, then make sure to check out Pin Up Persuasion, Jessica is always very honest about her finds!  
All right, now on to the good stuff, the Stop Staring Maria dress
We got this dress in recently and I have to admit, I was the one who had to have it! When I saw it at the Magic show in February I thought it was so cute, but when we ordered it for all of you I felt like I had to have it! Now I am not a wiggle girl, I am very much a swing dress. I am shy to wear anything that hugs my body so close, but following in the advice I gave everyone else in our last post about swing versus wiggle, I wanted to try something new. 
I ordered the dress and when we got it in I couldn’t wait to wear it! I tried to think of when I could best use it; wear it to work, a cocktail party, wear it to a meeting? There were too many options, so what I ended up doing was wearing it to a lecture I was giving. I was nervous the morning of, but I slipped it on and it was glorious!

The way that Stop Staring has built the dress is to really cinch in the waist and draw the eye to the smallest part of your body. I have broad shoulders, but the ties at the top of the dress were in the best spot, I felt like my shoulders looked flirty and sleek. And the part I feared the most, my lower body….well it was a fitted skirt, but the material made me feel like I was being formed to the dress and it helped me feel more comfortable in it.

But the highlight of the whole day was that I got so many compliments from the office staff about the dress! Everyone said it looked so flattering on me and made me look slimmer, no small feat for a size 12!

If you have been debating trying this dress, I honestly wouldn’t! I am even thinking of ordering the Stop Staring Magnolia Dress! I can’t wait to wear it to more events! I promise to share photos via Twitter the next time I wear the dress to an event!

If you have a favorite JBR purchase and want us to publish your review, email us at, or leave us a comment on the post and let us know what dresses you love right now!

Spring Cleaning of the Blog

7 May
After much thought, we are thinking about sprucing up our little blog here. We have been busy cleaning out our closets, ordering new clothes for our fans, and looking up Southern California festivals to be spotted wearing our JBR best to, but now we think we need to inject our blog with a little more life. That being said, here are some things we would like all of our adoring fans to tell us:
We are looking at a blog relocation (did you just gasp?) We are considering making the move over to WordPress. For our fans are you excited about a move over to WordPress? Do you like their interface? Is it easier to navigate? OR do you like us right here? 
We love Twitter, but sometimes we are a little stuck on our tweets, so would you follow us more if we tweeted daily pictures? We can tweet a daily JBR dress that we love! Would you follow us on Twitter then?
How would you feel about video blogs? We have been thinking of taking you on a tour of our boutique, showing you the ins and outs of our stock. We will interview staff members with their favorite items for you, but would you want to watch? 
Lastly, for those of you who are local Southern Californians, would you want a way to come in and try dresses on? We can set up appointment times for you to come in Monday through Thursday and try on clothes you are interested in purchasing!
We want to answers the these questions and more! Please leave us a comment here on the blog on how we can better serve you, our fans!