What’s with the Wiggle?

27 Apr
We have gotten some great shipments into the store in the last few weeks, and we have been happy to share them with everyone, but we started to think as we took dresses out of the boxes, how many of our new fans know the difference between a wiggle dress and a swing style dress? For all you foxes that are already into the vintage scene, this may be passe to you, but for those of you who are new to JBR Clothing, or the vintage scene, we want to break it down for you.
Most of the styles that you will see will be either a swing or a wiggle style of dress. 
Let’s start with the wiggle style. Now a true wiggle is going to be a dress that has a smaller circumference in the bottom hem compared to the width of the hip. Again, a true wiggle will NOT have a slit. The name wiggle comes from what the dress is supposed to do, make a woman wiggle as she walked. This would happen because the bottom hem was narrow forcing a woman to have a sway to her step. Today many people associate a wiggle dress with being similar to a pencil skirt. A pencil skirt is straight from the waist and hip. Most of the wiggle dresses JBR carries are more narrow at the bottom, the only difference, is we now have slits in the dresses for a little more give. 
The wiggle is definitely a dress that is form fitting. It is all about showing off the hourglass figure of a woman. They create small waists and draw attention to the hips. Many of us here used to think that only very thin women could pull off the look, but upon further inspection it just isn’t true. The wiggle is for the woman who is confident in her sexuality, a woman who is fierce and powerful, and knows that with the swing of her hips she has every man’s attention in a room. We say if you are ready to take your look to another level consider a wiggle. It really is worth trying. We have known plus size women to wear a wiggle style and say they felt so confident in how they looked in their dress. 
Here you can clearly see the difference between a swing dress and the wiggle, but we don’t want to just leave it to the visuals so lets break this one down too. The swing dress is one that is going to be cinched in at your waist and then flares out from the hips. Again, many people may also call this an A-Line dress, for those of us with a love of vintage though, we consider them to be swing dresses.
A swing skirt is full and you can wear it with, or without, a petticoat underneath. We like wearing it sans petticoat in the summer, because it gives the appearance of volume without needing more. If you are planning on wearing a swing dress to an event, you can add the petticoat to really volumize the skirt. It is also a great option if you are planning on wearing your dress out to actually swing dance in! When you are being turned and tossed by your partner you will look like a flower blooming on the floor as your skirt catches the air with the petticoats underneath. The swing is also a look that flatters all figures. For women with a more straight frame, the swing will help give the appearance of curves. For women who are full figured, it can help to hide some of the imperfections you may not feel as confident about.  
Whether you are a swing or a wiggle doesn’t matter, what does matter is how you feel in your dress! We want all of you to find a style that makes you feel like a fashion icon! Take our poll and tell us what you prefer, the wiggle or the swing! You can also leave us a comment here or on our Twitter (VintageRevBlog) and tell us what you love to wear! If you are new to vintage and are interested in looking for a dress you want to try stop by JBR Clothing and find something you can wear to your next big event!

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