Tie a Turban In It!

11 Apr
All right dolls, we haven’t posted in almost two weeks and we know you biting at the bit for a new posting, so don’t worry we are here with something new! We have been watching some of our favorite old movies and couldn’t help but notice a trend for turbans. 
There were different ways that turbans were worn when they were originally in style. Many women used them to wrap around their head with just the front portion of her hair showing. You could curl the bangs in the front or pin them back into a bouffant. 
There was the full head turban, as seen above, and there was also a partial turban that was worn as a type of headband. 
This styling is called a turban scarf. You can re-create this look with a favorite scarf you have. You tie the scarf around your head and take the extra from the ends and create a large knot in the front. This knot will create the appearance of a turban without having to cover your entire head. 
Both looks are a lot of fun and really make you feel like you are living in the 50’s still. Not only is this a great way to accessorize with your favorite JBR dress, it is also a wonderful way to keep your hair out of your face. 
We suggesting pairing the turban look with a pair of high-waist pants/shorts, a simple tee, and platform sandals. It creates a look that is casual chic, and ready for the warm weather. Wear the look out to a brunch! 
Have you worn a turban? Do you have suggestions on how to wear one? Leave us a comment or Tweet us a pic! We love to see how you wear your favorite vintage items! 

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