Dress It Up!

28 Mar
The warmer weather has started and we here at JBR Clothing are gearing up for the change! We have been getting more dresses that are a little shorter in length, brighter colors, and full of prints. Not only are there new prints and styles in, but we have started carrying some new brands! 
We are telling you to go ahead, clean out your closets, makes a little more room and pick up a new look for Spring! If you are having trouble justifying how you can wear one of these dresses and accessorize it, no worries, today’s post will show you how!
We want you to take a look at the Hell Bunny May Day Dress!
This dress comes in two different colors, black and blue. We love both colors, but since this is a post on Spring clothes we decided to focus on the blue dress. The color of this dress is a wonderful shade of a light blue with a purple floral print. Not only is the color phenomenal, but it is a swing dress! Nothing says warm weather like a dress that has volume and movement to it. We suggest adding a petticoat to help fill out the skirt. 
For a day time look with this dress we suggest the following accessories:
A pair of tan wedges/or nude pumps. The model is rocking a great pair of black heels, but in order to make this something that you wear during the day, we liked the idea of wearing this dress with lighter colored shoes. If you can’t wear wedges to work you can always swap them out for a tan bootie or pump. 
Another shoe option would be to pair this dress with a bootie that looks more like a cowboy boot. Pairing the dress with this type of boot will give your outfit a completely different look. 
Another trend that we love for the spring are jean jackets. If you are headed out for the day and want something to put over your shoulders, a jean jacket is a great option. 
The next step is looking at accessories to accent your look with. For the day look gold is something that will really pop against the pale blue. We like cuffs for the spring, one large accent bracelet. 
As far as earrings go, we like earrings that dangle and drop. 
These are just a few ideas on how to accessorize and accent this adorable dress! 
Make sure to go to JBR Clothing to see all of our newest styles in for Spring. Once you have found something you love be sure to share it with us on the blog, on Facebook, or on our Twitter!

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