Cat Eye Trends

3 Mar
Happy Saturday ladies! We know it had been a while since we last posted, that is why today we wanted to make sure to give you something that will make you feel fabulous on your day off! 
As we head out to the malls, street markets, and dates later this evening, there is nothing better than having a fresh face to show the world. We were excited to see that many of the Spring looks from the run-way were taking their inspiration from the 1950’s with plenty of cat-eyes and bold red lips. This look is our favorite for a few reasons. 
We love the cat eye because you can wear it so many different ways. As you can see from the picture above, there are two distinct styles to wear the cat eye. If you are going for a day look you can use a neutral base shadow, browns, taupes, and cream colors for your lid. Then create a thing line that angels up as you reach the outer corner. 
One of our favorite celebrities, Lauren Conrand has a great tutorial up on her website that we thought we would link here. 
Lauren has perfected the cat eye look, and we believe she helped to rejuvenate its popularity.  If you want more tips from her on how to create a perfect cat eye follow the link here and she breaks it down with her own tips and preferences for eyeliner.
You can also create a thicker line for your evening out on the town. Instead of using the neutral colors for your lid palate you can trade it out for smoky blues, blacks, and purples. Then using more eyeliner, or a thicker brush, you will apply it the same way. A personal tip from us is we like to go over the corners a few times to make sure we layer on just the right amount. 
Let us know how you like to wear your eye liner. What tip and tricks can you share with our fans? Look for our post tomorrow on our favorite bold red lips!

One Response to “Cat Eye Trends”

  1. Pin Up Persuasion March 7, 2012 at 5:06 am #

    I recently attended my 1st makeup lesson and learned how to use liquid liner for this exact look. It is going to take some practice but definitely worth the end result.

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