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Dress It Up!

28 Mar
The warmer weather has started and we here at JBR Clothing are gearing up for the change! We have been getting more dresses that are a little shorter in length, brighter colors, and full of prints. Not only are there new prints and styles in, but we have started carrying some new brands! 
We are telling you to go ahead, clean out your closets, makes a little more room and pick up a new look for Spring! If you are having trouble justifying how you can wear one of these dresses and accessorize it, no worries, today’s post will show you how!
We want you to take a look at the Hell Bunny May Day Dress!
This dress comes in two different colors, black and blue. We love both colors, but since this is a post on Spring clothes we decided to focus on the blue dress. The color of this dress is a wonderful shade of a light blue with a purple floral print. Not only is the color phenomenal, but it is a swing dress! Nothing says warm weather like a dress that has volume and movement to it. We suggest adding a petticoat to help fill out the skirt. 
For a day time look with this dress we suggest the following accessories:
A pair of tan wedges/or nude pumps. The model is rocking a great pair of black heels, but in order to make this something that you wear during the day, we liked the idea of wearing this dress with lighter colored shoes. If you can’t wear wedges to work you can always swap them out for a tan bootie or pump. 
Another shoe option would be to pair this dress with a bootie that looks more like a cowboy boot. Pairing the dress with this type of boot will give your outfit a completely different look. 
Another trend that we love for the spring are jean jackets. If you are headed out for the day and want something to put over your shoulders, a jean jacket is a great option. 
The next step is looking at accessories to accent your look with. For the day look gold is something that will really pop against the pale blue. We like cuffs for the spring, one large accent bracelet. 
As far as earrings go, we like earrings that dangle and drop. 
These are just a few ideas on how to accessorize and accent this adorable dress! 
Make sure to go to JBR Clothing to see all of our newest styles in for Spring. Once you have found something you love be sure to share it with us on the blog, on Facebook, or on our Twitter!

Fan Feature: Jessica Meloche

7 Mar
We are bringing you a new feature this week, the Fan Feature. Unlike Fan Mail, where we focus on a fan wearing our clothes and the reason why, we are expanding to feature one of our fans and the blogging she does about retro clothing! If you are interested in being featured as a fan, we will include the information at the end of this interview!
We have been a long time fan of Jessica Meloche! She has purchased from JBR many times and writes some great, and honest, reviews of the dresses she purchases. She runs her own blog, Pin Up Persuasion, where she talks about vintage make-up tips, jewelry, shape-wear, and retailer reviews! If you haven’t come across her blog already, make sure to check it out!
Basic Info
Name: Jessica Meloche
Home Town: London, Ontario Canada
Vintage Revolution (VR): Where did you love for vintage styled clothing come from?

Jessica Meloche (JM): From a very young age I had a deep appreciation for the arts, and more specifically, tattoos. I always noticed the girls in the tattoo magazines had a unique style of clothing that really caught my attention, which is now known as rockabilly/pinup. Over the years, my tastes have matured into the vintage/retro era’s. The classic beauty of the women of the 40’s and 50’s are my true inspiration.
VR: Why choose vintage over other styles?
JM: I personally adore vintage inspired clothing because it flatters women of all shapes and sizes. The style really accentuates women with curves and also creates the illusion of a sexy silhouette for those with a slim build. For many years I felt terrible in all the clothes I purchased and always shied away from anything form fitting. I window shopped online for a long time because there were no local retailers in my area that carried vintage/rockabilly clothing. My first purchase was a swing style dress and I have been hooked ever since. My confidence grew with each item and I eventually purchased a wiggle style. For the first time in my life, I was proud to show off my curves because of how well the clothes fit.
VR: Can you tell us a little about your blog. What is it about (for fans who don’t know) and why did you start it?
JM: The idea for Pin Up Persuasion came from a private Facebook group that I created for women who shared the love of vintage inspired clothing. We discuss product reviews, retailer reviews, sale notifications, share photos and so much more. Several ladies were seeking my advice on sizing and or/ personal feedback about specific items I had purchased. It was time to expand to a larger audience, and as I love helping others, a blog seemed a perfect outlet to reach more people.

For those who don’t know about the blog, Pin Up Persuasion is about the online world of retro/vintage/pinup shopping. It features detailed product & retailer reviews, sale notifications, and beauty tips, just to name a few! Being your average career women on a budget, I strive to reach out to others in likewise situations. I have no aspirations of becoming a model, I am doing this out of a a desire to share what I am most passionate about.
VR:  What is your favorite fashion item you own and how does it express your own style?

JM: Without a doubt, that has to be my Rago 1294 open bottom girdle. Rago is your classic vintage inspired shapewear from the 40′ s and 50’s. This girdle truly makes me feel sexy and elegant in all my vintage/retro clothing. I cannot live without it.
VR: Do you have any style tips for fellow shoppers?
JM: Don’t be afraid to try clothes that are outside of your comfort zone. I can guarantee that you will fall in love with the clothing and the new you! 
 VR: Why did you choose some of these styles of dresses (from JBR Cltohing)? What do you like about them?
JM: The Hells Belles (as seen above) & Hotsy Totsy (pictured at start of interview) were two styles I considered very sexy but elegant items at a very reasonable price point. The Hells Belles long sleeves and straight neckline were features I have not come across very often. Hotsy Totsy was fun, simple and cute. Need I say more?
VR: What type of events do you wear your JBR purchases to?

JM: I wear all my JBR purchases to office at work or an evening out for dinner. All these looks can be transformed from day to evening very easily.
VR: What is your favorite JBR purchase and why? 
JM: That is without a doubt, the Midori dress from Stop Staring! (as seen below) This dress truly makes you feel like you’ve walked off the set of Mad Men. The Midori is so well made and fits you like a glove from top to bottom, definitely underrated as far as I’m concerned. Lastly, olive green is my favorite wardrobe color. 
It is always fun to see what our fans our up to and how they are living their vintage lifestyle! Everyone does this in different ways, but we love the sharing! We would like to thank Jessica for all of her support! She really is a gem out there in the blogging world. You can even follow her on twitter if you want, we do, @jessimeca44.
If you are interested in being featured as a fan, or if you want to share your own fan photos with us, email the blog at, or you can tweet us @vintagerevblog! 

Vintage Revolution: Cat Eye Trends

3 Mar

Vintage Revolution: Cat Eye Trends: Happy Saturday ladies! We know it had been a while since we last posted. that is why today we wanted to make sure to give you something th…

Cat Eye Trends

3 Mar
Happy Saturday ladies! We know it had been a while since we last posted, that is why today we wanted to make sure to give you something that will make you feel fabulous on your day off! 
As we head out to the malls, street markets, and dates later this evening, there is nothing better than having a fresh face to show the world. We were excited to see that many of the Spring looks from the run-way were taking their inspiration from the 1950’s with plenty of cat-eyes and bold red lips. This look is our favorite for a few reasons. 
We love the cat eye because you can wear it so many different ways. As you can see from the picture above, there are two distinct styles to wear the cat eye. If you are going for a day look you can use a neutral base shadow, browns, taupes, and cream colors for your lid. Then create a thing line that angels up as you reach the outer corner. 
One of our favorite celebrities, Lauren Conrand has a great tutorial up on her website that we thought we would link here. 
Lauren has perfected the cat eye look, and we believe she helped to rejuvenate its popularity.  If you want more tips from her on how to create a perfect cat eye follow the link here and she breaks it down with her own tips and preferences for eyeliner.
You can also create a thicker line for your evening out on the town. Instead of using the neutral colors for your lid palate you can trade it out for smoky blues, blacks, and purples. Then using more eyeliner, or a thicker brush, you will apply it the same way. A personal tip from us is we like to go over the corners a few times to make sure we layer on just the right amount. 
Let us know how you like to wear your eye liner. What tip and tricks can you share with our fans? Look for our post tomorrow on our favorite bold red lips!