Not Your Teacher’s Brooch

30 Jan
While yesterday was the SAG Awards, and yes, we normally report on who wore what designer; we thought that today we would give you a break from the fashion round-up to talk about something else on our mind.
I know, how can we pass up a chance to discuss trends from the red carpet for brooches. The answer is easy, we are waiting for the Oscar red carpet! OK, that and we wanted to focus on jewelry and accessories that are relevant to you, our readers!
We know all you vintage lovers like to find a way to wear your favorite fashions on a daily basis and we wanted to let you in on a secret. Those old brooches you have, they are coming back in style and we want you to start wearing them!
Now, we are not talking about the ones worn by your first grade teacher (No offense to the teachers our there), but you know which ones we mean. The brooches with cats, holidays, or gold leaves. 
Above are the choices we want you to steer clear of. We want you to go for large pieces, things that are going to stick out. A brooch can become your next favorite accessory piece, something that becomes a signature item, and something to make you stand out. 
When looking for a brooch you want to pick something that is going to be versatile and go with as many outfits in your wardrobe as possible. We suggest looking for something with a metal base you normally wear, like gold and silver. After you have figured out your metal base pick what color you would like to accessorize with. This could be something bright like blues, reds, oranges. 
The above brooch is a good pick for someone dabbling in the trend. You want something that is going to be timeless that won’t make you seem dated. Don’t think that you can only stick a brooch on your blazer, you can pin one on your dress at the neckline, as seen on Blake Lively.
Another way you can wear a brooch on your dress is on your waist. If you have a dress with a low waist you can put the brooch to the side like a side button. If you have a dress with a sash or wrap you can also add your brooch there!
A fun way to make a brooch work for you is to add it to a headband or hair ribbon. This can turn your brooch into a hair accessories that has some bling to it, a trend that has hit the red carpet for the 2012 season! 

These are just a few simple ways that you use a brooch, but there are so many more to consider. You can add a brooch to your scarf to add some pzazz to your winter wear. If you enjoy wearing silk scarves in the spring you can transfer the look on to your warm weather. 

If your purse needs a sprucing up you can add it to the handle of your handbag! 
Let us know what kind of brooch is your favorite, how you are wearing it, or even better, send us a picture!!!

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