A Week With Marilyn and More Monroe

23 Jan
With the Golden Globes just a week ago we wanted to focus on one of the big winners, A Week With Marilyn, a biopic film about Marilyn Monroe and the time she spent filming “The Prince and the Show Girl.” Michelle Williams portrays Marilyn in the film and snagged a Best Actress in a Comdey/Music at the Golden Globes for her role.
Michelle’s portrayal of Marilyn Monroe was moving. She brought to life the iconic actress in a way most audience members have never seen her shown. One JBR staff member said, “I didn’t know all that about Marilyn [Monroe]” after seeing the film. Michelle played Monroe as vulnerable, fragile, and a true artist. While most of the public knows about the possible mental health issues she suffered, it has never been shown in a biopic movie of her life. 
Thanks to this movie people are re-interested in who Marilyn Monroe was, so we thought what a better chance than sharing with our fans her influence on fashion! Most women love to cite how Monroe’s curves were glorified and found appealing during her time, when now the same figure would be lauded as being over-weight or border line obese. 
Monroe started out her career as a fashion model. She began modeling after her first husband was drafted in WWII and a friend took pictures of her while working in a factory. This was the jumping off point for Monroe who signed with a model agency and a year later signed with film studio 20th Century Fox. 
Many critics complained that Monroe relied too much on her sexuality to make her stardom, and while that may hold some truth, they failed to see the good in her image. Monroe’s sexuality helped to show the world that there was nothing scandalous about the female body, in fact, it was beautiful. It could be glorified, sensual, and provocative without revealing it all (while there were a few times Monroe did this she shines more with her clothes on). 
Looking through the gallery of pictures for Monroe is the perfect chance to find inspiration for your own wardrobe. It was fun for us JBR girls because after talking about Monroe’s influence and brainstorming this post, we were able to go into the inventory and pull some of our top picks to re-create some of the bombshell’s looks! Don’t worry, we won’t hold out on you. Below you will find our top picks! 

Each one of these dresses was a top pick by our stylists as our favorite Monroe recreations. All of the dresses can be found at JBR and are strikingly similar to what fashion icon Marilyn Monroe wore on a daily basis. These dresses were made to make the feminine form look sexy without baring it all. So take a chance and try something new. Monroe showed the world there was nothing wrong with a little curve and sensuality, she is the one who said, “The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.” So show the world what your working in with one of our dresses! 
Leave us a comment with how you embrace your curves and find inspiration in Marilyn Monroe!

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