Golden Globe Trend Round Up

16 Jan
Our favorite time of the year is here, AWARD SEASON!!!!!! 
Like any fashionista, we look forward to award season with a passion. This is a chance for us to see what trends will dictate the dresses hanging in the shops for Spring. We want to make sure that you are prepared for what will be HOT, HOT, HOT! Read our favorite picks for Spring trends, as seen on the Golden Globes red carpet. And don’t worry too much, this is just show number one, we have at least three more award shows to cover and tell you about! 
We loved the simple two-toned dresses that were worn by both Angelina Jolie and Emma Stone. Angelina Jolie wore a dress by Atelier Versace. This dress was a gorgeous number, accentuated by the bright pop of color at the neckline. Jolie pulled this together by accessorizing with a red hand bang and red lips. As Spring starts there will be more dresses playing with two-toned colors. There will be two variations of this look, contrasting and complimentary. Jolie has obviously gone for a contrasting look. In order to bring this look to your everyday wardrobe thing of it in terms of color blocks, a white blouse with a red blazer over. 
Here Emma Stone is wearing a complimentary two-toned dress by Lanvin. The complimentary colors create a dynamic look that gives the dress a layered look. When you look closely it appears that the layer beneath the dark aubergine is the same tone of cranberry that is peaking through on the sides. A way to bring this to life in your own closet is by taking the shame shades of colors and layering them on top of one another. We love the idea of taking brighter, bolder colors and doing this. Going back to the idea of the red blazer, you can layer that over a crimson top, or burgundy. You want to go one shade darker or lighter. If you go two or more shades in the color gradient it could given the affect that you had no idea what you were doing when you dressed this morning.
Another trend we loved from the red carpet was the pale pastels! Charlize Theron wore a pale blush colored dress by Dior Couture. Women often shy away from wearing softer colors for fear of washing themselves out but here it looks wonderful. As with the complimentary two-toned trend, here you need to know the color gradient you are working with. For those women who have fairer skins you want to pick a pale pastel that will be either two shades paler than your skin tone, or two shades darker. Don’t be scared to wear a pale pastel, they can end up making you look fresh faced and young with the right make up and accessories. 
The last trend we want to share with you are deep blues! We saw many leading ladies wear dresses of a deep blue hue, and we LOVED IT! Here we have Sophia Vergara in a deep blue mermaid style dress (also a hot item on the red carpet) by Vera Wang. 
 Here we have Emma Roberts, and while she didn’t walk the red carpet for the Golden Globes, she was seen at a Golden Globes after party wearing a deep blue dress by Zac Posen and we just had to include her on our list! This is one of the easiest looks to transform into you closet! This can be something as simple as a deep blue dress that you pair with a chic pair of heels. But we want you all to be prepared, that this is going to be a hot look for the Spring, so when you see a dress you love in this color buy it before the next lady does! We also like this color because it can be as sophisticated as you would like, or as playful, all dependent on how you choose to dress up your outfit.
These are just three of our top favorite picks from the Golden Globes, and trends we see taking over the cover of Vogue, In Style, and other fashion magazines. Don’t let it pass you by, try experimenting with these looks! Make sure to stop by JBR and see what dresses we have there that you can use to transform into some of these looks.

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