A New Year, A New Blog

3 Jan
Happy New Year fellow Vintage Lovers! Vintage Revolution is back for another year, bringing you more of what you love and want to read! This year we will try and incorporate more of what you love, we want to be your number blog stop for everything vintage. 
That being said, we want to present all of our fans with an opportunity to shape the future of Vintage Revolution. We want to know what do you want to read more of? Here is a list of topics we want to know if you are interested in. 
Do you want us to continue to focus on current fashion trends? This includes notifying you of Spring/Summer looks, make-up, nail polish and other trends in the now.
Do you want us to solely focus on vintage fashion? Focusing on what vintage trends are translating now? This will blend the past with the present?
More information on JBR Clothing and current coupons, deals, and contests?
Do you want more contest on our own blog? Bring back Fan Mail? 
We want you to be a part of this blog. Recommend us to your friends, re-twit our posts, leave us a comment. So for the next week we will be checking our blog comments so we can see how to tailor this to be your favorite fashion blog!!!
That means stop by and comment on this post and let your friends know! 

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