Holiday Hair

21 Dec
With Christmas this weekend and New Years a mere week and a half away, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite ways to style your hair! Once you have the perfect outfit picked there is nothing worse than trying to figure out how to style your hair, we will make it easy for you! 
One of our JBR fans swears by rollers! She washes her hair and then sets them in sponge rollers over night. Another fan uses a sock to roll her hair in a bun at night and in the morning when her hair comes out of the bun she is left with soft curls. We scouted through YouTube and found some of our favorite tutorials that we have used. 
This video, brought to you by Cherry Dollface, is awesome! In it she walks us through how to make victory rolls. She makes it easy to follow and even breaks down when it would be best to use your hair for this style. She suggests using second day hair, as it will be easier for your hair to hold the style. 
This next style is an updo. Again, this hairstyle is intended to be used for second day hair, especially if you have curled your hair the previous day. This styling will call for hair ties that match the color of your hair and a lot of bobbie pins. While she pulls the hair into a lot of smaller sections, I would suggests larger sections if you have more hair. 
We liked having one simple style for an updo option as well as one with partially loose hair. Another great option for styling your hair is to do simple rag or pin curls. Both ways of styling will result in similar curls. You will start by sectioning your hair. We suggest starting with the base of your head and working up. You take a small portion of your hair and wrap it into a ringlet, then secure it to your head with bobbie pins. You will sleep in the bobbie pins and in the morning remove them. The result with be gorgeous curls to envy!
Leave us a comment and let us know what your favorite way to style your hair is! 

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