A Vintage Christmas Tree

14 Dec
We love the holidays around here! There is that extra magic in the air and you have an excuse to spend money, whether it be for family and friends or yourself! With all of the fun activities to take part in we wanted to share how you can bring your love of vintage to decorating your Christmas tree; in fact, as the month progresses we promise to bring you more posts on how your love of vintage can over lap with your decorating and shopping needs!
As we went to pick out the annual Christmas tree, yes, we still go and pick a live tree out, we had to make sure that the tree was full to place all of our favorite vintage ornaments on. 
We found our vintage ornaments at an estate sale last year! Estate sales are a great place to find classic ornaments. Sometimes when ornaments are discarded due to a death in the family, or just being out of style; by the time they find their way to a Good Will or thrift store they are broken, chipped, and damaged. If you want to spend a little more you can search through Ebay for vintage ornaments that are in fair to excellent condition. The reason we like to dig through for classic ornaments is because these ornaments are unique, each one shares a story. Some of our favorites are large glass art-deco bulbs, a small glass crocodile, and a glass deck of cards. Each ornament represented the person who bought it, they have such a personality to them and they help make our tree unique!
Another great vintage idea is bring back the tinsel!
Yes, there was a time where tinsel was over done, but that time has passed. BRING BACK TINSEL! A little bit of tinsel can go a long way! We are not talking about your grandmother’s tinsel either, we are talking about using it sparingly to add some sizzle to your tree. Our personal favorite is gold and silver tinsel. We use it as an accent on our tree after we have strung the lights and added the ornaments. When you add the tinsel it gives the tree and extra sparkle to it. We are pretty sure that was the original intention for it, an accent not a staple. 
And if all else fails…….get a fake tinsel tree! 
There is nothing as kitschy as a colored tinsel Christmas tree! When we think of a retro Christmas we think of trees that have been flocked with snow or sprayed in bright colors. Now artificial trees come in a variety of colors and sizes. If you are not feeling bold enough to do a large colored tinsel tree get a small one. A small decorative tree like this on a table can be a center piece for any holiday party! We love have the non-traditional at times and this is a great chance for that!
Leave us a comment and let us know what is your favorite way to decorate your Christmas tree! What are some vintage items you use to decorate your tree? Let us know, we love to hear from our fans! 

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