3 Fashion Accessories We Are Thankful For

24 Nov
This season gave us some fun ideas for how to accessorize our outfits for the fall. From accent belts that cinch in your waist to prep school inspired hand bags we saw it all, but some of the accessories trends that we loved the most were booties, cocktail rings, and retro inspired sunglasses. 
Here at Vintage Revolution and JBR Clothing we love a good cocktail ring. 
If you were to go into any of our closets, you would find a stash of over 75 choice pieces we switch out depending on the outfit we are wearing. This season was the season of the cocktail ring, the bigger the better in our opinion! This trend is sure to carry over into the Spring but made with different materials. For the Fall we were the most interested in rings that had over-sized jewels in them, intricate designs, or were made with a very contemporary feel to them. This is a trend we are so thankful is around!
The other accessory we died for was the bootie!
The bootie is such a fun take on boots. Sometimes you don’t want to wear the full length boot, stuff your jegging into, or sometimes it just doesn’t go with the outfit you had in mind. Booties are great, you can wear them with a pair of jeans, a skirt, depending on the bootie you can even pair them with a dress. If we could have a pair in every color and style we would! This is another trend we are hoping to carry over into the Spring!
The last thing on our favorite’s list are retro sunglasses!
Thanks to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, sunglasses in retro and over-sized shapes are totally hot! Glasses reminiscent of Jackie O was all the rage for Fall. The larger the frame the better! We are in love with tortuous shell print for our frames. Sometimes when you have black rims they look too dark on the face, especially as sunlight becomes weaker and the hours are shorter. Retro shades make you feel like you are in another era and make you feel like you are living on the West Coast year round. 
Without these accessories we wouldn’t fill as fabulous as we do each and every day!. 

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