3 Fashion Trends We Are Thankful For This Season

23 Nov
There were a lot of choices to pick from when narrowing down our choices of what our favorite trends were for this season but we were able to do it! 
One of our top favorite trends this season is the sequence dress, top, or blazers. Pretty much anything with sequence on it we approve! 
This season we have seen sequence all over, from the red carpet to the ready to wear clothes you can see hanging in any mall boutique. There are so many different ways that you can wear sequence. If you choose to go with the blazer or cardigan look it is a nice way to break up an outfit. It can elevate a look instantly. We like pairing it with black skinny pants and heels. Another one of our top picks for sequence is the sequence dress. This look is going to be HUGE over the holiday season! We can see women going for a sequence dress to wear to a formal holiday party or a New Year’s Eve event. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to feel like a glamours star, this style does just that!
Another one of our favorite trends this season in lace!
Lace is an ultra-feminine trend that can take even the most tom-boyish woman into an ethereal goddess. While it may seem like something you want to invest in, it really is a trend that is worth your time to look into. We like layering a lace dress with black tights and heels, it is a way to make you look ultra chic and sophisticated for the night. If that idea is too much black on black you can play with the tights and see how a pair with a sheen or sparkle to them will look with your outfit of choice. We also love the lace blouses, some of them really feel like a throw back to the Victorian era with high collars and cap sleeves. You end up with a soft and romantic look. 
The other trend we are dying for this season are jewel tones clothing items!
We have preached it before and we will preach it again, we love color for the winter! Sure, we are always talking about black tights, and we just told you about lace and had a picture of a dress in black, but don’t write us off as color lovers. In the bleak winter months it is hard to remember what it was like during the days of summer dresses, wearing a brightly colored jewel toned item will lift you out of your winter funk! Jewel tones come in many varieties and can be worn in the way you feel the most comfortable. Don’t think you have to wear something that is overly bright, there are jewel tones that are deep and rich but still give you a glowing look!

All three of these trends are our absolute FAVORITES and we are so thankful that they are around this season for us to enjoy!


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