3 Dress Styles We Are Thankful For

22 Nov
Thanksgiving has traditionally been a celebration of the harvested food, the survival of the puritans, and the prep to Black Friday and the holiday madness. This year being thankful has been taken to the next level with trends on Facebook getting people to post everyday what they are thankful for, a week of thanks, or anything in between. We thought we would take the idea of thanks to the next level and bring you three different fashion topics we are thankful for. 
Today we are thankful for the following dress styles, because without any of them where would we all be, probably wearing potato sacks or animal skins still! 
We are thankful for the Little Black Dress (L.B.D.)
We can’t preach it enough, we LOVE a Little Black Dress, we even did a post about it! Thanks to iconic Coco Chanel, the world was introduced to the LBD and it has never left the fashion scene. You really can’t go wrong with a black dress, you can wear it to the office, a cocktail hour, an event, just about anywhere. The most important thing about finding the perfect LBD is finding a silhouette that is timeless and won’t have to be tossed at the end of a fashion season. We love this Stop Staring Jolie Dress, it is flirty and fun! So join us in being thankful to the dress of your lifetime, and if you don’t already own one make sure to pick one up during the stellar sale at JBR Clothing
Another dress style we are thankful for is the A-Line Dress. 
We are thankful for A-Line dresses because these are dresses that universally flatter every woman. When we are stuck with what we can dress someone up in we always go to the racks and look at what we have that is A-Line. Christian Dior invented this look in 1955 and it became Paris’s most wanted silhouette, and we couldn’t agree more! A-Line dresses or skirts nip in at the hips and then flare out making every woman look and feel sexy. So this holiday season if you find yourself stuck looking for a bombshell look remember look for an A-Line and start making adjustments from there! 
Last but not least we are thankful for the Wrap Dress. 
These simple dresses often get the short end of the fashion yard stick, but we are not going to knock the work of Diane von Furstenberg! Furstenberg first came out with this jersey knit dress in 1973 but it wasn’t until ’76 when she said, “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress” that 5 million dresses flew off the shelf! With the re-invention of the 70’s headed for us in the Spring collections of 2012, we suggest you start combing those racks to find a print you love and snatch up a wrap dress for yourself! 
Without any of these designers we would not have the amazing styles and cuts that we have shared with you. Their eye for classic lines, timelessness of style, and fashion forward sense has given us three distinct dresses that you can’t live without! 

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