Tunic Tops, Perfect for Thanksgiving

16 Nov
With Thanksgiving is fast approaching, we are scrambling to find outfits we can wear to each of our family dinners! The holidays are a great time to spend time with family and friends, but it also a time where you don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing as last year. For those people who may have multiple Thanksgiving dinners to consume, finding something that is comfortable as well as fashionable is key. 
We racked our brains, and our closets, to bring you an outfit option that will be fitting for Thanksgiving. We took into account after heaps of stuffing and plenty of pie no one wants to fill like a stuffed turkey themselves! That being said, we thought that tunics would be the best option for any woman planning to look fashionable at this year’s family dinner. 
This cozy looking tunic is from Trouve, available at Nordstrom. This tunic is made from an acrylic/alpaca combination. It is guaranteed to keep you warm while you travel from house to house. You can wear this tunic with a pair of skinny jeans or with a pair of tights. As most of you know, we love tights here at JBR, so we would highly recommend this with tights and a pair of boots. This tunic is nice because it is thick, for those of you living in a colder climate. 
Another favorite is this tunic from Elizabeth and James, the ready-to-wear line of the Olsen sisters. We love this line of clothing from the sisters because it is so fashion forward. We always find something from their collection that we can’t live without. This tunic is one of them! We love the colors on this silk tunic, they have the rich berry color that is popular during the holidays. The foggy blue of the rest of the dress is a unique color choice for the Thanksgiving holiday, it will stand out among the browns, yellows, and oranges that will be present. 
We love tunics because they are a great way to be classy, chic and comfortable all at the same time. After we finish stuffing ourselves full of of food we don’t want to have to worry about the pinching feeling of our jeans against our waist. Tunics are the best option for this holiday of indulgence. Leave us a comment about some of your favorite outfit ideas for the holidays and we may just feature it in a post later this month!

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