Wild About Prints

8 Nov
We have told you all about how much we are in love with prints! In fact, we just can’t get enough of them! That’s why we thought we should show you some of our favorite Fall 2011 Ready to Wear looks from the run way that have inspired some of our own purchases! 
If you don’t already know, plaid is back for fall! This once grunge 90’s look has reinvented itself for a new generation, plaids are not just for women who don’t wash their hair. Design house Rag & Bone had plaid all over their Fall 2011 runway. They chose to do a more subtle and sophisticated plaid with smaller weaving. We liked what Rag & Bone did because we feel that this plaid could be clean and chic for work and then layered with blocks of color and textured accessories, as seen above. We also liked their take on plaid because it was feminine and not the lumber-jack red flannel. 
Another favorite of ours is Alice + Olivia. Their clothing is always trendsetting, classic, fun, flirty and feminine, our favorite things! Their Fall 2011 runway was a mix of both textured items as well as prints. Their ultra feminine silhouettes make just about any woman look good, but their play with prints and color is what gives the clothing company it’s youthful vibe. We like looking at how they are laying their looks and find inspiration their for our own wardrobe! 
Sometimes when you are looking at all the runway looks you feel over-whelmed by the thought that you just can’t afford to buy designer ready-to-wear (and let’s be honest, most women can’t), that’s why we made sure to check out Banana Republic’s runway. Yes, that’s right Banana Republic was at fashion week showing off what they would have in their stores! They lines features autumnal colors and prints. Our favorite is this floral dress down in muted colors for the fall. We even liked how they layered it with a sleeveless turtle neck!
Prints are always fun, but they help to break up the monochromatic monotony of the Fall and Winter. We suggest that this year every woman invest in 3 key print items. It can be a shirt with a print, a sweater, a dress, anything. Then rotated these prints through the rest of your wardrobe. It will help shake things up when you feel like all you have been wearing is black, grey, and white blocks of color!

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