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3 Fashion Accessories We Are Thankful For

24 Nov
This season gave us some fun ideas for how to accessorize our outfits for the fall. From accent belts that cinch in your waist to prep school inspired hand bags we saw it all, but some of the accessories trends that we loved the most were booties, cocktail rings, and retro inspired sunglasses. 
Here at Vintage Revolution and JBR Clothing we love a good cocktail ring. 
If you were to go into any of our closets, you would find a stash of over 75 choice pieces we switch out depending on the outfit we are wearing. This season was the season of the cocktail ring, the bigger the better in our opinion! This trend is sure to carry over into the Spring but made with different materials. For the Fall we were the most interested in rings that had over-sized jewels in them, intricate designs, or were made with a very contemporary feel to them. This is a trend we are so thankful is around!
The other accessory we died for was the bootie!
The bootie is such a fun take on boots. Sometimes you don’t want to wear the full length boot, stuff your jegging into, or sometimes it just doesn’t go with the outfit you had in mind. Booties are great, you can wear them with a pair of jeans, a skirt, depending on the bootie you can even pair them with a dress. If we could have a pair in every color and style we would! This is another trend we are hoping to carry over into the Spring!
The last thing on our favorite’s list are retro sunglasses!
Thanks to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, sunglasses in retro and over-sized shapes are totally hot! Glasses reminiscent of Jackie O was all the rage for Fall. The larger the frame the better! We are in love with tortuous shell print for our frames. Sometimes when you have black rims they look too dark on the face, especially as sunlight becomes weaker and the hours are shorter. Retro shades make you feel like you are in another era and make you feel like you are living on the West Coast year round. 
Without these accessories we wouldn’t fill as fabulous as we do each and every day!. 

3 Fashion Trends We Are Thankful For This Season

23 Nov
There were a lot of choices to pick from when narrowing down our choices of what our favorite trends were for this season but we were able to do it! 
One of our top favorite trends this season is the sequence dress, top, or blazers. Pretty much anything with sequence on it we approve! 
This season we have seen sequence all over, from the red carpet to the ready to wear clothes you can see hanging in any mall boutique. There are so many different ways that you can wear sequence. If you choose to go with the blazer or cardigan look it is a nice way to break up an outfit. It can elevate a look instantly. We like pairing it with black skinny pants and heels. Another one of our top picks for sequence is the sequence dress. This look is going to be HUGE over the holiday season! We can see women going for a sequence dress to wear to a formal holiday party or a New Year’s Eve event. And at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to feel like a glamours star, this style does just that!
Another one of our favorite trends this season in lace!
Lace is an ultra-feminine trend that can take even the most tom-boyish woman into an ethereal goddess. While it may seem like something you want to invest in, it really is a trend that is worth your time to look into. We like layering a lace dress with black tights and heels, it is a way to make you look ultra chic and sophisticated for the night. If that idea is too much black on black you can play with the tights and see how a pair with a sheen or sparkle to them will look with your outfit of choice. We also love the lace blouses, some of them really feel like a throw back to the Victorian era with high collars and cap sleeves. You end up with a soft and romantic look. 
The other trend we are dying for this season are jewel tones clothing items!
We have preached it before and we will preach it again, we love color for the winter! Sure, we are always talking about black tights, and we just told you about lace and had a picture of a dress in black, but don’t write us off as color lovers. In the bleak winter months it is hard to remember what it was like during the days of summer dresses, wearing a brightly colored jewel toned item will lift you out of your winter funk! Jewel tones come in many varieties and can be worn in the way you feel the most comfortable. Don’t think you have to wear something that is overly bright, there are jewel tones that are deep and rich but still give you a glowing look!

All three of these trends are our absolute FAVORITES and we are so thankful that they are around this season for us to enjoy!

3 Dress Styles We Are Thankful For

22 Nov
Thanksgiving has traditionally been a celebration of the harvested food, the survival of the puritans, and the prep to Black Friday and the holiday madness. This year being thankful has been taken to the next level with trends on Facebook getting people to post everyday what they are thankful for, a week of thanks, or anything in between. We thought we would take the idea of thanks to the next level and bring you three different fashion topics we are thankful for. 
Today we are thankful for the following dress styles, because without any of them where would we all be, probably wearing potato sacks or animal skins still! 
We are thankful for the Little Black Dress (L.B.D.)
We can’t preach it enough, we LOVE a Little Black Dress, we even did a post about it! Thanks to iconic Coco Chanel, the world was introduced to the LBD and it has never left the fashion scene. You really can’t go wrong with a black dress, you can wear it to the office, a cocktail hour, an event, just about anywhere. The most important thing about finding the perfect LBD is finding a silhouette that is timeless and won’t have to be tossed at the end of a fashion season. We love this Stop Staring Jolie Dress, it is flirty and fun! So join us in being thankful to the dress of your lifetime, and if you don’t already own one make sure to pick one up during the stellar sale at JBR Clothing
Another dress style we are thankful for is the A-Line Dress. 
We are thankful for A-Line dresses because these are dresses that universally flatter every woman. When we are stuck with what we can dress someone up in we always go to the racks and look at what we have that is A-Line. Christian Dior invented this look in 1955 and it became Paris’s most wanted silhouette, and we couldn’t agree more! A-Line dresses or skirts nip in at the hips and then flare out making every woman look and feel sexy. So this holiday season if you find yourself stuck looking for a bombshell look remember look for an A-Line and start making adjustments from there! 
Last but not least we are thankful for the Wrap Dress. 
These simple dresses often get the short end of the fashion yard stick, but we are not going to knock the work of Diane von Furstenberg! Furstenberg first came out with this jersey knit dress in 1973 but it wasn’t until ’76 when she said, “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress” that 5 million dresses flew off the shelf! With the re-invention of the 70’s headed for us in the Spring collections of 2012, we suggest you start combing those racks to find a print you love and snatch up a wrap dress for yourself! 
Without any of these designers we would not have the amazing styles and cuts that we have shared with you. Their eye for classic lines, timelessness of style, and fashion forward sense has given us three distinct dresses that you can’t live without! 

Tunic Tops, Perfect for Thanksgiving

16 Nov
With Thanksgiving is fast approaching, we are scrambling to find outfits we can wear to each of our family dinners! The holidays are a great time to spend time with family and friends, but it also a time where you don’t want to be caught wearing the same thing as last year. For those people who may have multiple Thanksgiving dinners to consume, finding something that is comfortable as well as fashionable is key. 
We racked our brains, and our closets, to bring you an outfit option that will be fitting for Thanksgiving. We took into account after heaps of stuffing and plenty of pie no one wants to fill like a stuffed turkey themselves! That being said, we thought that tunics would be the best option for any woman planning to look fashionable at this year’s family dinner. 
This cozy looking tunic is from Trouve, available at Nordstrom. This tunic is made from an acrylic/alpaca combination. It is guaranteed to keep you warm while you travel from house to house. You can wear this tunic with a pair of skinny jeans or with a pair of tights. As most of you know, we love tights here at JBR, so we would highly recommend this with tights and a pair of boots. This tunic is nice because it is thick, for those of you living in a colder climate. 
Another favorite is this tunic from Elizabeth and James, the ready-to-wear line of the Olsen sisters. We love this line of clothing from the sisters because it is so fashion forward. We always find something from their collection that we can’t live without. This tunic is one of them! We love the colors on this silk tunic, they have the rich berry color that is popular during the holidays. The foggy blue of the rest of the dress is a unique color choice for the Thanksgiving holiday, it will stand out among the browns, yellows, and oranges that will be present. 
We love tunics because they are a great way to be classy, chic and comfortable all at the same time. After we finish stuffing ourselves full of of food we don’t want to have to worry about the pinching feeling of our jeans against our waist. Tunics are the best option for this holiday of indulgence. Leave us a comment about some of your favorite outfit ideas for the holidays and we may just feature it in a post later this month!

Give Booties a Chance

15 Nov
The Winter is a perfect time to find a pair of boots. There is nothing better than pairing boots with leggings, skinny jeans, or a dress. But as much as we love boots, we are in LOVE with booties! This season has given us a slew of new trends to watch out for in regards to the kicks we are rocking on our feet!
Thanks to Lady Gaga booties are no longer confined to shoes that are black, grey and brown. This season is full of ultra high, thick platformed booties. These booties have sparkle and life to them! We are going to show you some of the most stand out booties
This season Steven Madden brought us plenty of booties to die for! These stunners are sky high, but don’t let that deter you from taking them for a spin! These shoes may be high, but Madden has made sure to give women a chunky heel as well as adding a platform in the front of the shoes to even the elevation level out. These fabu shoes are great if you are looking for something to break up your collection. We debated buying ourselves a pair just to throw on with a pair of jeans for a Saturday! Looking forward to the holidays these sparklers will be a great way for you to be a show stopper at any event!
We are huge fans for Betsey Johnson, her clothing is so unique it makes you feel like a pop princess from the 80’s. Her shoes are a party for your feet, yes, that’s what we said! Betsey brings her creative take on the bootie to a new level with these cheetah print shoes. Animal print is in for Fall, bringing this trend down to your feet brings it full circle. These booties would look great with a chic black dress and leggings. We also like these paired with jeans a blouse. The little accent bow on the side is a fun little girly accent that really makes these shoes so much fun! 
These Michael Kors shoes are the most subtle pair that we will be showing you. We love all the over-the-top booties out there but if you are looking for an everyday pair these are the ones that you want to buy! These booties are suede and look great with just about anything. The way that they shoe comes down in the front, they look great with black tights. 
There are so many different styles to choose from this year we weren’t able to bring you all of them. If you have a favorite pair of booties that you have seen be sure to leave us a comment on this post, we love hearing from fans! 

Wild About Prints

8 Nov
We have told you all about how much we are in love with prints! In fact, we just can’t get enough of them! That’s why we thought we should show you some of our favorite Fall 2011 Ready to Wear looks from the run way that have inspired some of our own purchases! 
If you don’t already know, plaid is back for fall! This once grunge 90’s look has reinvented itself for a new generation, plaids are not just for women who don’t wash their hair. Design house Rag & Bone had plaid all over their Fall 2011 runway. They chose to do a more subtle and sophisticated plaid with smaller weaving. We liked what Rag & Bone did because we feel that this plaid could be clean and chic for work and then layered with blocks of color and textured accessories, as seen above. We also liked their take on plaid because it was feminine and not the lumber-jack red flannel. 
Another favorite of ours is Alice + Olivia. Their clothing is always trendsetting, classic, fun, flirty and feminine, our favorite things! Their Fall 2011 runway was a mix of both textured items as well as prints. Their ultra feminine silhouettes make just about any woman look good, but their play with prints and color is what gives the clothing company it’s youthful vibe. We like looking at how they are laying their looks and find inspiration their for our own wardrobe! 
Sometimes when you are looking at all the runway looks you feel over-whelmed by the thought that you just can’t afford to buy designer ready-to-wear (and let’s be honest, most women can’t), that’s why we made sure to check out Banana Republic’s runway. Yes, that’s right Banana Republic was at fashion week showing off what they would have in their stores! They lines features autumnal colors and prints. Our favorite is this floral dress down in muted colors for the fall. We even liked how they layered it with a sleeveless turtle neck!
Prints are always fun, but they help to break up the monochromatic monotony of the Fall and Winter. We suggest that this year every woman invest in 3 key print items. It can be a shirt with a print, a sweater, a dress, anything. Then rotated these prints through the rest of your wardrobe. It will help shake things up when you feel like all you have been wearing is black, grey, and white blocks of color!

The Bettie Page Revolution

3 Nov
If you haven’t been keeping up with JBR Clothing, or our blog Vintage Revolution, then you may not know about all the new clothing brands we are carrying! To get an idea check out our other posts about what’s new for Fall. We have been saving the best brand for last because it is one of our absolute FAVORITES! 
JBR Clothing is now carrying Bettie Page clothing! For those of you who are not that familiar with the iconic Bettie Page, let us give you a brief history of the woman who made pin up. 
Bettie Page was born to hard-working parents who ended up divorcing when she was 10 years old. She was voted the “most likely to succeed” in high school and received a Bachelor of Art degree from George Peabody College. Page moved to New York to become an actress, while living there she became involved in a photography club where she became known for her pin-up look. One of the amazing facts about Bettie Page was that she made most of her lingerie and outfits! Many of the outfits she wears in her photos are creations that she came up with herself. 
It is with that knowledge that we are so excited to be carrying the Bettie Page line at JBR! Bettie Page Clothing is a clothing line based off of looks Bettie page made famous. They use silhouettes that are timeless and prints that are so much fun!
One of our favorites is the Shopping Time dress in turquoise! The color on this dress is fabu! It is such a bright and vibrant color that really pops. We love this look paired with black tights and pumps. If you are going to be looking for a fun dress for the holidays we suggest trying this number out! 
Another great dress from the collection is the Elegance Navy and Polka Dot dress. This is such a cute dress to wear to work or for a weekend trip. This has a small polka dot print and falls just below the knees. We like this dress because of the off the shoulder neckline. It is feminine and sexy in all the right ways. The accent belt is great for cinching in and defining the waist line. 
If you haven’t found the perfect L.B.D. (Little Black Dress) then you must have this dress in your collection! This is the Drama Queen dress, this dress promises to be a show stopper for a night out on the town. The white button down front is unique and really adds to the vintage feeling of the outfit. We suggest getting a hair fascinator from Vintage Box 1947 sold at JBR for this outfit. We also like the look of adding gloves for a more sophisticated event. 
JBR Clothing has more Bettie Page dresses than are pictured here, go to the site and check them out! We are totally in love and can’t wait to get more in stock! If you own your own Bettie Page dress leave us a comment and let us know which one is your favorite.