Accessories We Love for the Fall from JBR Clothing

27 Oct
If you’ve been keep up with the blog you know that we did a post yesterday on our favorite new brands we are carrying at JBR Clothing for the fall. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here
Now that you are all caught up on what is new with our clothing we would like to introduce you to our favorite new accessories. We showed you why we loved the Lux de Ville Train Cases on the blog in September, but now we have even more in stock we can share.
If you were a fan of the Lux de Ville Train Case then you may also like the Lux de Ville Getaway Kiss Lock bag.

Our favorite thing about the Lux de Ville products are the colors. They sell purses, clutches, and train cases in the best colors. Most of the material they use has a sheen or a sparkle to it making it an attention grabber. The Getaway Kiss Lock bag is a favorite of the staff, we really like the blue sparkle one. The size of this clutch is perfect for a woman working in an office. You can fit a long wallet inside, a checkbook, your cell phone and keys without having to cram everything inside. Not only is the color amazing, but the style is so 1960’s. It makes you want to wrap your head in a scarf and ask your boyfriend to put the top down on the convertible, this bag takes you to another time. 
If Lux de Ville isn’t your cup of tea because it is just too girly than maybe you should check out purses by Sourpuss. 
Sourpuss is all about the skulls, guns, and brass knuckles. We love their edgy designs and street chic looks of their bags. Sourpuss has a way to make things look like they are fierce with a touch of the feminine. Above is their Cupcake Party Bowler Bag, and ladies, this ain’t your grandma’s bowler bag! This bag takes the mainstream cupcake obsession to another level. It has cupcakes all over, with sprinkles and candies tossed in; oh, and don’t forget the skull cupcake toppers. This bag is all about the sweet and sassy side of life. The other bag we like is their Sweetheart Skulls Bowler Purse. This bag is a marriage of Dia de Los Muertos skulls with pink girly coloring. Any woman carrying this bag will leave people wondering who she really is. Sweet? Dark? Tough? Needless to say Sourpuss handbags are all about being sweet and sassy and letting the world figure out which one you are. 
Make sure to go check out JBR Clothing and see what new purses are your favorite, we are sure you will find something there that you just can’t live without. If you already have a favorite purchase leave us a comment and let us know which one it is and why!

One Response to “Accessories We Love for the Fall from JBR Clothing”

  1. pph software March 22, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Love the bags, I like very much the colors! Great blog!

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