New to JBR for the Fall

26 Oct
Fall didn’t just bring a change of weather to us, here at JBR Clothing it also brought us new brands that we carry in our stock. Like any good fashion team we were excited to see the new product come in, we became even more excited when we saw how unique the dresses were! We thought it wouldn’t be fair to our faithful blog readers to not give you a sneak peak of our new favorite picks!

For those of you who don’t know, we have started carrying designs by Sourpuss, Trashy Diva, and Folter. Each brand has something different in each of their styling but remain the same in their classic silhouettes.

First up is Folter. Most of the designs by Folter remain similar to most vintage designs in that they use polka dots and floral prints, but one of our favorites is this funky number.

This is Folter’s Chicken and Eggs and it is just that, a print with hens and eggs all over it. It seems like an odd concept but it really is super cute in person! I had a great-aunt who was OBSESSED with chickens, and this dress makes me think of her. She was a classic woman, and when I look back on her photos of her youth she wore the cutest dresses of the 1940’s and 50’s. It isn’t hard for me to imagine her wearing a number like this either. This print is fun and perfect for wearing on the weekend to brunch with your friends. You can add a little cropped sweater on top if it is getting too chilly to wear it just as a strapless. If this is a little too bold for you check out more Folter designs at the JBR website and tell us what you think of the other designs!

Next up we have the Sourpuss label.

Many of you have seen us carry accessories from Sourpuss but now we are carrying more of their dresses! These dresses are fantastic because they have these cute prints on them that you can’t find anywhere else. Sourpuss dresses have prints on them that are unique and different, the dress pictures above is the I Want Yer Skull dress. At a distance the print could be anything, we thought it was birds, but upon closer inspection they are little skulls. We suggest these dresses to our customers who like to be a little edgy in their look. Many of their prints include skulls, guns, and ships. This line falls more along the Rockabilly look. 
Lastly we have Trashy Diva.
We are currently only carrying three dresses from this company so you may want to scoop them up while you can! We carry a L.B.D. (Little Black Dress) and a red dress in Trashy Diva’s “Doris” line. These two dresses are very simple in their cut. They have a neckline that allows you to wear jaw-dropping necklaces without worrying about being over-exposed. But our favorite item from them is the dress pictures about, the Diva Annette Tribal Dress. The print on this dress screams “I like to have fun!” It makes us feel like summer isn’t over with the print, but with it’s subdued hues it is ready for the colder weather. You can throw on a pair of tights with this dress and some brown Oxford style shoes and you have an eclectic school-girl vibe. We dig it!
All of the new labels are too much fun and we are so happy to be carrying them! If you want to check out more styles be sure to stop by JBR and take a look, then come back to the blog and tell us which dresses are your favorite for the season! Oh, and if you are wondering why we chose all the printed dresses check back with the blog where we will be posting about the print revolution!


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