Why We Love Leggings!

22 Oct
Every season has great reasons to fall in love with it’s trends and accessories, things that only make sense or look more chic during that season. For us here at JBR leggings are just that! There are some women who wear leggings during every season, but they look their best during the colder winter months. 
Leggings serve so many purposes. They help add a little more warmth to our legs when we wear skirts and dresses in colder weather, they add texture and dimension to an outfit, and they can help your outfit truly POP against everything. 
There is of course the staple black legging. Black leggings can go under ANY type of dress or skirt. One of our favorite ways to wear black leggings is against a brightly colored dress.
It sometimes seems hard to wear those brightly colored dresses from summer and spring, but with a pair of dark leggings it is easy to transition those dresses from one season to the next. Black leggings is also a great way to add an air of sophistication to any outfit!
Another great option for leggings is to get a pair that have some sort of pattern on them. 
Textured leggings are a way to sas up an outfit and layer the look you are rocking. These leggings have a tendency to break up the look, if your dress is very conservative and you need something more this is the way to go. The edgy factor of these are great too. Textured tights gives you the instant rock star look. Many women believe they can’t wear these style but it is simple. Take a dress that is all one color and add a pair of textured tights, it is just that simple! If you are more daring and into contrasting features you can always take a dress with a print and contrast it with the pattern of the leggings. 
Following the Mod fashion trends, you can also wear leggings that are both brightly colored and have a print! 
Thanks to the Mod revival there are so many options when it comes to playing with color. You can take any of your brightly colored geometric prints and add a pair of colored argyle print leggings. This looks takes you to another time and makes you feel fresh during those winter months. What is more fun than having tons of color on a grey day? This styling is bold and in your face, you have to be prepared to get all the looks when you are wearing this! 
How can anyone not love leggings, they are so versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit. They are a great way to dresses as the weather gets a little colder outside and you start breaking out your boots. Share with us some of the favorite ways you love to wear leggings in our comment section. 

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