Fan Mail: Meet Siobhan

22 Oct
It’s that time once again, for you to meet one of our many fans. Today you are going to meet Siobhan! Siobhan is a HUGE fan of JBR clothing, she wears our clothes to some pretty major events all over the world. This trend-setting fashionista took some photos of herself during her events in her dresses and wanted to share them with our other fans.  
Name: Siobhan Porter
Location: from Columbia, SC but lives in Miami, FL
Vintage Revolution (VR): What event did you wear the dress to and why did you choose that dress for it?
Siobhan Porter (SP): I happen to be at the salon [in the photo]….I wear my dresses everywhere. LOL
VR: Why do you love that outfit?
SP: I find the stunning style to be VERY flattering and love the way the piece fits.   
VR: Do you have any style tips for fellow shoppers? 
SP: I’m personally very basic in the way I style myself. I actually wear dresses because they are simple and lovely. I typically wear a dress with a necklace, bracelet or watch, and a pair of, at minimum, 5 inch heels. I’m notorious for my love of vintage or retro reproduction with my Louboutins.
VR: What it your favorite fashion item you own and how does that express your style? 
SP: Actually the shoes I’m wearing in that picture are the Louboutin Mago. They are 160mm, or about 6.5 inches. I’m about 5’3/4″, so heels are a key part of  ANY outfit for me. 

We would like to thank Siobhan for wearing our product with such pride. We would also like to share that she trusts us enough to even order dresses for her!!!! 

We encourage all of our fans to submit photos of themselves to If you end up on the blog you will receive a coupon code to use on a new dress! So keep it up shoppers!

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