Weekend Get Away Bags

16 Oct
Nothing screams weekend like that cute little travel bag you carry all your clothing in, there is nothing better than having an essential weekender bag for those short trips around the state. We thought we would give you a few ideas and essentials to look for in finding the perfect bag for you! 
Some helpful hints and tips to start with are what to look for. For a weekend bag we suggest the follow:
  • Look for a bag that is sturdy and will be able to be thrown around in a trunk or stuffed in an over-head bin
  • Check the inside of the bag to make sure it has enough pockets to stash any of your smaller items. 
  • Depending on your style you may want to look for a bag that has wheels, if you pack a bag right you can fit a whole lot of clothing in there and it ends up getting heavy
  • Find a fun print! If this is the bag you are using on your weekends let it have some color and print, leave the bland black bags for work!
One of our favorite weekend bag is this Orla Kiely Large Travel Tote, you can find it at Nordstrom.com
This bag is just plane fun! We love the colors of the bag and that it has little cars on it. It is a fun play on the idea of getting away for the weekend. Another great thing about this bag is that it is made with a material that is easy to clean! We love a bag that will be easy for us to clean on our own! The other thing is the size; the size of this bag is perfect for squeezing in a few items for a weekend out of town. 
Another favorite is the LeSportsac collection. Many of the bags that this company makes are great for short trips and many of their bags have funky prints and designs to them.
This particular bag is from the Collete series, it comes in black patent and black quilted. This bag is great! Again it features the polyurethane material on the outside which makes it easy to clean, as well as having PLENTY of pockets on the inside to put your accessories in! If you are looking for a smaller bag LeSportsac has an awesome feature on it’s website where you can pick the size, style, and print and apply it and see what the bag looks like. We love that feature! 
Our last pick may seem unconventional, but hear us out. We love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Lil Nylon Eliza-Baby bag. Yes, it may be intended for mothers on the the go, but why can’t we convert it into an over-night bag for a grown woman?
Mom’s on the go need to have everything stored in their bags, so this bag comes equipped with everything! I has the pockets, the easy to wash material, and most of all it is GORGEOUS! Being a fan of most of the Marc by Marc Jacobs products, we had to include this in the list. While his collection does include some larger tote bags as well as backpacks, this bag is where it is at! Anything from this collection of nylon bags will make you want to throw your clothes in the bag and head out on an adventure! 
There are so many options when it comes to finding a weekend bag for yourself. Remember to take into account what your needs are in a bag before shopping. Know if you are a light traveler taking only one pair of pants and tops that go with anything, or the over-dresser who takes half your closet for two days away. You are sure to find a bag to fit all of your needs!

2 Responses to “Weekend Get Away Bags”

  1. Siobhan October 20, 2011 at 10:59 am #

    I've made baby bags into purses before…I got the idea from a friend who did it with a Coach baby bag.

  2. Vintage Revolution October 26, 2011 at 8:21 pm #

    LOVE THAT IDEA, we are going to have to try it!

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