Give a Hoot, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

12 Oct
With October being the official Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would like to do a salute to the organizations and companies that sell clothing and accessories that benefit women with breast cancer and breast cancer research. Because most of our readers are women, we wanted to make sure that we are doing our best to help show our support of those with breast cancer. According to, breast cancer is the second most common cancer women get, skin cancer is the first. Thanks to medical research and early testing most forms of breast cancer are able to do detected early and reduced. We want to continue to help support those efforts made.
While it may be hard to decide where to spend your money when it comes to purchasing breast cancer awareness items during the month of October, we thought we could give you a few items we love. One of our favorite is the NFL gear you can buy right now. With football season upon us who doesn’t love to sport their team’s gear, or perhaps your husband’s/boyfriend’s team. The NFL has partnered up with to do “A Crucial Catch,” a campaign to support women getting yearly mammograms. During this time all the NFL teams wear jersey’s, hats, gloves, and shoes with pink on them to show their support. What’s more is that you can purchase NFL related clothing online that has your team on it along with breast cancer colors or logos. Just go to and you can pick your team and see what they have in breast cancer awareness gear. The best part is you can wear it all season if you want.
Another favorite group of ours is the Save the Ta-Ta’s organization. This organization has always put a fun spin on a serious condition. In the past few years they have changed the style of their clothing offered to be versatile, branching out from the simple black or white tops stating “Save the Ta-Ta’s” they also do graphic tees as well. The other great thing about them is that you can buy donations as gifts if you don’t want to purchase anything. This is a fun and sassy way to fight against breast cancer.
A great way to support breast cancer research is to purchase beauty items. Beauty items out that support breast cancer range from pink nail polish to fragrances. You can go into your local Sephora store and check out some of the products they carry with purchases going toward breast cancer research and prevention. Brands like Clinique, Stilla, and Shisheido, all have products at Sephora that benefit breast cancer. It’s the best of both worlds, you can buy yourself something to make you feel beautiful while supporting the cause.
The last thing we wanted to share with you is KitchenAid. This is great for any woman who loves cooking, because KitchenAid is doing a breast cancer awareness campaign entitled, “Cook for a Cure.” They have their artisan stand mixers in two different shades of pink as well as a food processor, blender, and hand mixer, all with sale proceeds helping women.
Yes, this may just be another ploy to get us to shop, but I for one am more than happy to shop knowing that my shopping helps to benefit another woman! So get out there and help save the ta-ta’s!

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