Vintage Halloween Costumes

8 Oct
Although October has barely started we couldn’t be more excited for Halloween. Contrary to popular belief, made popular by the movie Mean Girls, this is not just a holiday for women to dress up in skimpy clothing and throw some glitter on their face; it is a chance to play pretend like a child and dress up in outfits people would normally scoff at you for wearing. While we do love vintage clothing here, there are oftentimes outfits we can’t wear everyday because they are just too dated or not allowed in our work place. Halloween is the perfect time to go all out and find the best vintage look for you and go for it. What could be cuter than a sailor girl wearing wide legged navy pants and a crisp white button up blouse and hat. Like anything you can make this as sexy as you would like. 
JBR has a few costumes in stock that can fit this idea. One of our favorites is the Dreamgirl Betty’s Full Service costume. 

This costume is a fun play on a fifty’s car hop meets car service. Looking at this costume it reminds me of the old war posters of Rosie the Riveter, reminding us that a woman can be sexy, strong, and knowledgeable about cars. This costume is definitely on the sexy side of the spectrum.

Another vintage costume idea is to be a flapper. This costume can be as simple as going to a costume store and buying the pre-made kit or making it yourself.

To make a flapper dress on your own you can take an old black spaghetti strap dress, go to your local fabric store and buy fringe. Make sure to measure your dress to know how many yards you will need. You can add fringe just to the bottom and top hem, or if you like more fringe to shimmy layer it up from the bottom hem of the dress. Buy some faux beads and layer them around your neck. You will want to make yourself a hair accessory, use feathers and netting to make a fascinator. 

Another option for someone who is looking for a vintage inspired costume is to be a sailor.

We love this costume because it keeps thing a little more traditional and simple. An outfit like this looks similar to the male Navy uniform worn in the 1920’s-1950’s. This costume idea can be as simple as buying a pair of navy wide-legged pants. You can buy nautical looking buttons and create a faux front flap. You can take a solid shirt and add ribbon to create the lines you like on the cuff and color, you can also add ribbon to the bottom of your pants. We love the idea of being a sailor, so cute and so easy to do.

If you have any ideas on vintage costume be sure to post your comments here, we would love to hear from you!


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