Fashion Hunters

5 Oct
This Fall has given us plenty of new shows to start watching, one more fabulous than the last and each with a taste for vintage fashion. Mad Men has given TV the chance to revive its love of another time and place. This week we decided to tune in to Bravo’s new “Fashion Tuesday” line-up. 
We are long time lovers of the Rachel Zoe show, so when a show revolving around a consignment store came up we thought we would give it a chance. Bravo’s Fashion Hunters is based on following the consignment store Second Time Around in New York City. There are four employees that the audience is introduced to: Tara, the Manager, Ambria, Karina, and Wilson, the sales associates. Everyone working in the store has a major love of fashion and designers. Their knowledge is amazing and they have an impeccable eye for knowing what designer created the designs that are brought into the store. 
Consignment stores have been around for a long time, but in the last five years consignment stores have gone from carrying your grandmother’s clothing to carrying designer dresses and hand bags. These stores are places where you can sell that splurge designer dress you bought in a post break up haze or those Jimmy Choo’s you felt you really needed after your tax return came in–the consignment store is just the place for that. 
Watching Fashion Hunters is great because if you are new to fashion or a a fashion aficionado, you can watch this show and really feel like you are along for the ride. We watch the employees of Second Time Around appraise items, hunt for new items to sell in the store, and move their wares. In this first episode Ambria and Tara and invited into the closet of a wealthy New York socialite; while it may seem like a fairy tale world of high fashion, this is real and we mere mortals are given a glimpse inside a closet we would all covet. 
Second Time Around does not appear to be pretentious from the view we are given, the only thing you have to watch out for when watching the show is Ambria. She can come off as annoying and her voice can grate on one’s nerves after a while, but she has an eye for detail and designers. Second Time Around gives you an inside perspective on how consignment stores run, pricing, and what they are looking for when purchasing from clients. For Second Time Around they price things on 1/3 to 1/4 of what they originally sold for. 
This show is exciting for us here at JBR because we love fashion, we love consignment, and we love being able to follow a show that combines all of that together. 

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