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Accessories We Love for the Fall from JBR Clothing

27 Oct
If you’ve been keep up with the blog you know that we did a post yesterday on our favorite new brands we are carrying at JBR Clothing for the fall. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read it here
Now that you are all caught up on what is new with our clothing we would like to introduce you to our favorite new accessories. We showed you why we loved the Lux de Ville Train Cases on the blog in September, but now we have even more in stock we can share.
If you were a fan of the Lux de Ville Train Case then you may also like the Lux de Ville Getaway Kiss Lock bag.

Our favorite thing about the Lux de Ville products are the colors. They sell purses, clutches, and train cases in the best colors. Most of the material they use has a sheen or a sparkle to it making it an attention grabber. The Getaway Kiss Lock bag is a favorite of the staff, we really like the blue sparkle one. The size of this clutch is perfect for a woman working in an office. You can fit a long wallet inside, a checkbook, your cell phone and keys without having to cram everything inside. Not only is the color amazing, but the style is so 1960’s. It makes you want to wrap your head in a scarf and ask your boyfriend to put the top down on the convertible, this bag takes you to another time. 
If Lux de Ville isn’t your cup of tea because it is just too girly than maybe you should check out purses by Sourpuss. 
Sourpuss is all about the skulls, guns, and brass knuckles. We love their edgy designs and street chic looks of their bags. Sourpuss has a way to make things look like they are fierce with a touch of the feminine. Above is their Cupcake Party Bowler Bag, and ladies, this ain’t your grandma’s bowler bag! This bag takes the mainstream cupcake obsession to another level. It has cupcakes all over, with sprinkles and candies tossed in; oh, and don’t forget the skull cupcake toppers. This bag is all about the sweet and sassy side of life. The other bag we like is their Sweetheart Skulls Bowler Purse. This bag is a marriage of Dia de Los Muertos skulls with pink girly coloring. Any woman carrying this bag will leave people wondering who she really is. Sweet? Dark? Tough? Needless to say Sourpuss handbags are all about being sweet and sassy and letting the world figure out which one you are. 
Make sure to go check out JBR Clothing and see what new purses are your favorite, we are sure you will find something there that you just can’t live without. If you already have a favorite purchase leave us a comment and let us know which one it is and why!

New to JBR for the Fall

26 Oct
Fall didn’t just bring a change of weather to us, here at JBR Clothing it also brought us new brands that we carry in our stock. Like any good fashion team we were excited to see the new product come in, we became even more excited when we saw how unique the dresses were! We thought it wouldn’t be fair to our faithful blog readers to not give you a sneak peak of our new favorite picks!

For those of you who don’t know, we have started carrying designs by Sourpuss, Trashy Diva, and Folter. Each brand has something different in each of their styling but remain the same in their classic silhouettes.

First up is Folter. Most of the designs by Folter remain similar to most vintage designs in that they use polka dots and floral prints, but one of our favorites is this funky number.

This is Folter’s Chicken and Eggs and it is just that, a print with hens and eggs all over it. It seems like an odd concept but it really is super cute in person! I had a great-aunt who was OBSESSED with chickens, and this dress makes me think of her. She was a classic woman, and when I look back on her photos of her youth she wore the cutest dresses of the 1940’s and 50’s. It isn’t hard for me to imagine her wearing a number like this either. This print is fun and perfect for wearing on the weekend to brunch with your friends. You can add a little cropped sweater on top if it is getting too chilly to wear it just as a strapless. If this is a little too bold for you check out more Folter designs at the JBR website and tell us what you think of the other designs!

Next up we have the Sourpuss label.

Many of you have seen us carry accessories from Sourpuss but now we are carrying more of their dresses! These dresses are fantastic because they have these cute prints on them that you can’t find anywhere else. Sourpuss dresses have prints on them that are unique and different, the dress pictures above is the I Want Yer Skull dress. At a distance the print could be anything, we thought it was birds, but upon closer inspection they are little skulls. We suggest these dresses to our customers who like to be a little edgy in their look. Many of their prints include skulls, guns, and ships. This line falls more along the Rockabilly look. 
Lastly we have Trashy Diva.
We are currently only carrying three dresses from this company so you may want to scoop them up while you can! We carry a L.B.D. (Little Black Dress) and a red dress in Trashy Diva’s “Doris” line. These two dresses are very simple in their cut. They have a neckline that allows you to wear jaw-dropping necklaces without worrying about being over-exposed. But our favorite item from them is the dress pictures about, the Diva Annette Tribal Dress. The print on this dress screams “I like to have fun!” It makes us feel like summer isn’t over with the print, but with it’s subdued hues it is ready for the colder weather. You can throw on a pair of tights with this dress and some brown Oxford style shoes and you have an eclectic school-girl vibe. We dig it!
All of the new labels are too much fun and we are so happy to be carrying them! If you want to check out more styles be sure to stop by JBR and take a look, then come back to the blog and tell us which dresses are your favorite for the season! Oh, and if you are wondering why we chose all the printed dresses check back with the blog where we will be posting about the print revolution!

Why We Love Leggings!

22 Oct
Every season has great reasons to fall in love with it’s trends and accessories, things that only make sense or look more chic during that season. For us here at JBR leggings are just that! There are some women who wear leggings during every season, but they look their best during the colder winter months. 
Leggings serve so many purposes. They help add a little more warmth to our legs when we wear skirts and dresses in colder weather, they add texture and dimension to an outfit, and they can help your outfit truly POP against everything. 
There is of course the staple black legging. Black leggings can go under ANY type of dress or skirt. One of our favorite ways to wear black leggings is against a brightly colored dress.
It sometimes seems hard to wear those brightly colored dresses from summer and spring, but with a pair of dark leggings it is easy to transition those dresses from one season to the next. Black leggings is also a great way to add an air of sophistication to any outfit!
Another great option for leggings is to get a pair that have some sort of pattern on them. 
Textured leggings are a way to sas up an outfit and layer the look you are rocking. These leggings have a tendency to break up the look, if your dress is very conservative and you need something more this is the way to go. The edgy factor of these are great too. Textured tights gives you the instant rock star look. Many women believe they can’t wear these style but it is simple. Take a dress that is all one color and add a pair of textured tights, it is just that simple! If you are more daring and into contrasting features you can always take a dress with a print and contrast it with the pattern of the leggings. 
Following the Mod fashion trends, you can also wear leggings that are both brightly colored and have a print! 
Thanks to the Mod revival there are so many options when it comes to playing with color. You can take any of your brightly colored geometric prints and add a pair of colored argyle print leggings. This looks takes you to another time and makes you feel fresh during those winter months. What is more fun than having tons of color on a grey day? This styling is bold and in your face, you have to be prepared to get all the looks when you are wearing this! 
How can anyone not love leggings, they are so versatile and can be worn with just about any outfit. They are a great way to dresses as the weather gets a little colder outside and you start breaking out your boots. Share with us some of the favorite ways you love to wear leggings in our comment section. 

Fan Mail: Meet Siobhan

22 Oct
It’s that time once again, for you to meet one of our many fans. Today you are going to meet Siobhan! Siobhan is a HUGE fan of JBR clothing, she wears our clothes to some pretty major events all over the world. This trend-setting fashionista took some photos of herself during her events in her dresses and wanted to share them with our other fans.  
Name: Siobhan Porter
Location: from Columbia, SC but lives in Miami, FL
Vintage Revolution (VR): What event did you wear the dress to and why did you choose that dress for it?
Siobhan Porter (SP): I happen to be at the salon [in the photo]….I wear my dresses everywhere. LOL
VR: Why do you love that outfit?
SP: I find the stunning style to be VERY flattering and love the way the piece fits.   
VR: Do you have any style tips for fellow shoppers? 
SP: I’m personally very basic in the way I style myself. I actually wear dresses because they are simple and lovely. I typically wear a dress with a necklace, bracelet or watch, and a pair of, at minimum, 5 inch heels. I’m notorious for my love of vintage or retro reproduction with my Louboutins.
VR: What it your favorite fashion item you own and how does that express your style? 
SP: Actually the shoes I’m wearing in that picture are the Louboutin Mago. They are 160mm, or about 6.5 inches. I’m about 5’3/4″, so heels are a key part of  ANY outfit for me. 

We would like to thank Siobhan for wearing our product with such pride. We would also like to share that she trusts us enough to even order dresses for her!!!! 

We encourage all of our fans to submit photos of themselves to If you end up on the blog you will receive a coupon code to use on a new dress! So keep it up shoppers!

Weekend Get Away Bags

16 Oct
Nothing screams weekend like that cute little travel bag you carry all your clothing in, there is nothing better than having an essential weekender bag for those short trips around the state. We thought we would give you a few ideas and essentials to look for in finding the perfect bag for you! 
Some helpful hints and tips to start with are what to look for. For a weekend bag we suggest the follow:
  • Look for a bag that is sturdy and will be able to be thrown around in a trunk or stuffed in an over-head bin
  • Check the inside of the bag to make sure it has enough pockets to stash any of your smaller items. 
  • Depending on your style you may want to look for a bag that has wheels, if you pack a bag right you can fit a whole lot of clothing in there and it ends up getting heavy
  • Find a fun print! If this is the bag you are using on your weekends let it have some color and print, leave the bland black bags for work!
One of our favorite weekend bag is this Orla Kiely Large Travel Tote, you can find it at
This bag is just plane fun! We love the colors of the bag and that it has little cars on it. It is a fun play on the idea of getting away for the weekend. Another great thing about this bag is that it is made with a material that is easy to clean! We love a bag that will be easy for us to clean on our own! The other thing is the size; the size of this bag is perfect for squeezing in a few items for a weekend out of town. 
Another favorite is the LeSportsac collection. Many of the bags that this company makes are great for short trips and many of their bags have funky prints and designs to them.
This particular bag is from the Collete series, it comes in black patent and black quilted. This bag is great! Again it features the polyurethane material on the outside which makes it easy to clean, as well as having PLENTY of pockets on the inside to put your accessories in! If you are looking for a smaller bag LeSportsac has an awesome feature on it’s website where you can pick the size, style, and print and apply it and see what the bag looks like. We love that feature! 
Our last pick may seem unconventional, but hear us out. We love the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Lil Nylon Eliza-Baby bag. Yes, it may be intended for mothers on the the go, but why can’t we convert it into an over-night bag for a grown woman?
Mom’s on the go need to have everything stored in their bags, so this bag comes equipped with everything! I has the pockets, the easy to wash material, and most of all it is GORGEOUS! Being a fan of most of the Marc by Marc Jacobs products, we had to include this in the list. While his collection does include some larger tote bags as well as backpacks, this bag is where it is at! Anything from this collection of nylon bags will make you want to throw your clothes in the bag and head out on an adventure! 
There are so many options when it comes to finding a weekend bag for yourself. Remember to take into account what your needs are in a bag before shopping. Know if you are a light traveler taking only one pair of pants and tops that go with anything, or the over-dresser who takes half your closet for two days away. You are sure to find a bag to fit all of your needs!

Elizabeth Taylor and Her Fabulous Baubles

12 Oct
For those of you who don’t know, or may not be into jewelry like we are here at JBR, Elizabeth Taylor’s most famous jewels will be going up for auction in December! While mere mortals may not be able to afford such items, Christie’s, the brokerage in charge of the estate, has set up a tour of five cities where we can all walk thru and see these little gems for ourselves….although if you know anything about Taylor’s jewelry, it is anything but little!
The tour is currently ending its stateside run in L.A. where tickets were limited, those people who were able to purchase them can count themselves amongst the lucky ones. Even after additional time slots had been made available, it was hard to get in to see them.
Some of Taylor’s most iconic jewelry is up or auction. Most notably is her 32 carat diamond ring; given to her by the love of her life, Richard Burton. It seems sad in a way, to have such a piece of American cinematic history sold away, but that is the way it goes. At least a portion of the proceeds will be going to support the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.
The story behind the Taylor-Burton diamond is that one day Elizabeth came home and Burton told her how much he loved her and surprised her with the ring. Their love affair was anything but storybook. They often fought and divorced twice, although after the first divorce they got re-married a few years later it never really lasted. Elizabeth said later in her life that Burton was one of her husbands that she truly loved, and that in a way she never got over the loved that they shared.
Burton in turn loved to shower Taylor with expensive and rare jewelry, the more rare the better suited for Elizabeth. It is amazing to think that he put so much thought and effort into the things that he gave her, trying to match the pieces to her personality. Another piece that is up for auction the Taj Mahal diamond.
A gift from Richard Burton, for Elizabeth Taylor’s 40th birthday. The history behind it is fairy tale, on it says this about the necklace, “Inscribed with the name Nur Jahan, the wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahangir, this heart-shaped diamond is believed to have been a gift from the ruler to his son, who became the great emperor Shah Jahan (1592-1666). At the age of 35, it is believed that the young prince presented the diamond to his favorite and most beloved wife, Mumtaz-i-Mahal. The emperor’s grief at her death just four years later was legendary – in her memory he commissioned the majestic Taj Mahal – one of the seven wonders of the world. Richard Burton was captivated by the history and significance of this special diamond, and gave it to Elizabeth to mark her 40th birthday.”
If you have a chance try and check out the next leg of the tour, which is going world wide before ending in New York. Even if you can’t make it to the tour we highly recommend reading Elizabeth Taylor’s “My Love Affair with Jewelry.” The book tells the story behind all her pieces and makes them come to life. It is great is you are a jewelry lover, Elizabeth Taylor fan, or just someone who has a penchant for things that sparkle.

Give a Hoot, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

12 Oct
With October being the official Breast Cancer Awareness month, we would like to do a salute to the organizations and companies that sell clothing and accessories that benefit women with breast cancer and breast cancer research. Because most of our readers are women, we wanted to make sure that we are doing our best to help show our support of those with breast cancer. According to, breast cancer is the second most common cancer women get, skin cancer is the first. Thanks to medical research and early testing most forms of breast cancer are able to do detected early and reduced. We want to continue to help support those efforts made.
While it may be hard to decide where to spend your money when it comes to purchasing breast cancer awareness items during the month of October, we thought we could give you a few items we love. One of our favorite is the NFL gear you can buy right now. With football season upon us who doesn’t love to sport their team’s gear, or perhaps your husband’s/boyfriend’s team. The NFL has partnered up with to do “A Crucial Catch,” a campaign to support women getting yearly mammograms. During this time all the NFL teams wear jersey’s, hats, gloves, and shoes with pink on them to show their support. What’s more is that you can purchase NFL related clothing online that has your team on it along with breast cancer colors or logos. Just go to and you can pick your team and see what they have in breast cancer awareness gear. The best part is you can wear it all season if you want.
Another favorite group of ours is the Save the Ta-Ta’s organization. This organization has always put a fun spin on a serious condition. In the past few years they have changed the style of their clothing offered to be versatile, branching out from the simple black or white tops stating “Save the Ta-Ta’s” they also do graphic tees as well. The other great thing about them is that you can buy donations as gifts if you don’t want to purchase anything. This is a fun and sassy way to fight against breast cancer.
A great way to support breast cancer research is to purchase beauty items. Beauty items out that support breast cancer range from pink nail polish to fragrances. You can go into your local Sephora store and check out some of the products they carry with purchases going toward breast cancer research and prevention. Brands like Clinique, Stilla, and Shisheido, all have products at Sephora that benefit breast cancer. It’s the best of both worlds, you can buy yourself something to make you feel beautiful while supporting the cause.
The last thing we wanted to share with you is KitchenAid. This is great for any woman who loves cooking, because KitchenAid is doing a breast cancer awareness campaign entitled, “Cook for a Cure.” They have their artisan stand mixers in two different shades of pink as well as a food processor, blender, and hand mixer, all with sale proceeds helping women.
Yes, this may just be another ploy to get us to shop, but I for one am more than happy to shop knowing that my shopping helps to benefit another woman! So get out there and help save the ta-ta’s!