Vintage Inspired Halloween Decorations

30 Sep
With October about to start we thought it would be fun to share some ideas about how to mix your love of vintage with the holiday festivities. Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the scary it can also be mixed in with the whimsical, and we are going to show you some ideas on how to do that. 
An easy way to decorate your yard with fun and quirky figures is to make scarecrows. You can go to your local craft store and buy fake branches and pumpkins. Glue the branches together or tie them with wire, then take an exacto knife or small crafting saw and carve a simple face onto the pumpkin. If this is a little too much work, you can use a black sharpie to draw on the face and color it in. Then attach the pumpkin to the head of the figure and dress it up with some of your old clothing. It is a simple way to make yard decorations and they will be unique to you and your family.

Another fun idea to decorate your yard is to take the fake pumpkins from a craft store and draw on funny faces or designs. You can use feathers, glitter, jewels or anything that inspires you to decorate. Once you have all the decorations on, place the pumpkins out in your yard or outdoor area. This is a great way to decorate pumpkins early in the month without worrying about them rotting due to temperature changes. You can place them in buckets, carriages, or get small haystacks. You can also reuse these year after year. 
Another fun way to bring a vintage feel to your Halloween festivities is to create custom tags for baked goods. Going to a local craft store buy scrap booking paper in any color you like, we suggest paper that looks tea stained or lighter colors. Buy black and orange ribbon and crafting scissors if you do not have any, and lollipop sticks. Cut the paper into shapes that you like and write little spooky sayings like, “Eat this if you dare,” “Poisoned Witches Cake,” “Made with Puppy Dog Tales.” Punch a hole on one side of the label and then attach ribbon through the hole. Glue onto lollipop sticks and insert into baked goods. 
If you are looking for vintage decorations you can look at most home goods stores. This time of the year they tend to carry a variety of items ranging from contemporary to nostalgic. Our favorite place to find more vintage inspired goods is Michaels and Joann Fabric stores. You can find small pumpkins, witches hats and posters that look like they came from a different era. Another key to getting a vintage look is to not be afraid to mix and match. You can buy some generic Halloween garland and attach vintage paper lanterns to it. Another option is to go to local thrift stores and see if they have old posters and cards. You can take them to Kinko’s and have them photocopied to create unique decorations for your house. You can also do this with images you find on the web. 
Whatever you choose to do with your decorations, using vintage inspirations will give you an edge on any of your neighbors and friends. We love having things that are different and not cookie cutter, so start hunting for those Halloween pieces that will make your season extra special to those around you. We encourage you to take lots of pictures and send them in to us, even better if its a photo of you wearing a JBR dress with your holiday decorations. Happy Haunts!

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