Find Your Everyday Day Dress

26 Sep
With the weather changing and the hours of the day getting shorter, it is time to start changing your wardrobe as well. We love the Fall/Winter because it is the time of year where you can layer your clothing with scarves, coats, tights, gloves and hats without feeling like it is just too much accessorizing. We love taking the dresses we have purchased from our inventory and throwing tights on with a pair of boots to wear around town. 
The last few days have been on the cooler side and we have had a chance to break out our favorite dresses to do just that, and it made us think of our subscribers; we want to share with you some of our favorite dresses from JBR that can be worn on a daily basis. These dresses are what we consider everyday dresses that you can wear to work and layer as the weather gets cooler.

This first dress we want you to get to know a little better is the Heartbreaker Super Spy dress.


This dress is a great staple to have. I can say that I own it in navy, black and olive, and I can’t live without it. This dress is great because of the material that it is made from. It is a very high quality of cotton and washes so well. You can wash this in your washer at home, or if you are highly protective of your dresses and want to add to their longevity you can take it to the dry-cleaners, either way the dress will last you a long time. Not only does it wash well it matches with just about everything!

You can wear this dress with a pair of knee high boots

Or with a pair of Mary-Jane style heels or pumps.

Either show pairing you like, this dress can go with.

Lastly we like it because you can layer it; you can wear this dress with solid tights, printed tights, or patterned tights. You can add a scarf over it if it is extra chilly outside or a jacket. This dress really is an everyday staple and you can dress it up if you wanted to wear it to an event.

The other dress that we love is also from the Heartbreaker line, it is the Mod dress. 

This dress is similar to the Super Spy dress in the material that it is made from. The length of this dress is also the same, it hits you just above your knee. We like this dress as well because it is sleeveless and the neckline is slightly different.

This dress is a good transitional dress for the days that are cooler than the summer but not as cold and crisp as winter. You can easily layer this with a blazer or cardigan for work if you need to wear sleeves. If you do choose to go with a blazer we suggest it be one that is slightly cropped in the length and fitted to your curves, you don’t want the blazer to make you look boxy.

The other thing we love about this dress is that you can wear it with or without tights. Again, if you are not ready to start layering your clothes you can go sans tights, but once the weather cools this looks fabulous with some patterned tights on underneath.

 Having dresses that can be worn on a daily basis can be great, and it’s even better when you can layer them as it gets colder; so head over to JBR to check out these dresses and more for your Fall/Winter transition.


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