Everyday Train Case

25 Sep
There are few things we love more than an accessory that is worth every penny you spent purchasing it. We love items that are versatile and can be work-horses in our collection, that is why we HAD to share with you the Lux de Ville Train Case in our blog. We want all our readers and fans to fall in love with this accessory as much as we have! 
One of the best parts about this train case is it’s size. Most train cases tend to be just large enough to carry a regular size bottle of shampoo, hair spray, a smaller make-up bag, and flat iron; the Lux de Ville Train Case can carry more than that. We were able to fit a curling iron, flat iron, travel size shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. The top tray we utilized for our make-up and accessories. We love this train case for women who are on the go and need to have their hair-styling tools and make-up with them. It would be perfect for a make-up artist, hair stylist, personal stylist, or photographer. It is sturdy and can carry a variety of your everyday items.
After this first test we started to think, if this is perfect for a woman on the go who else could use it, and we came up with some great options with how you can use your train case. We started to think about our friends who work in offices and need to have a stash of personal items hidden in their bottom desk drawer; you know the drawer we are talking about, the one where we keep our emergency deodorant, touch up make-up, feminine items, aspirin, hand sanitizer and snacks we don’t want our overly friendly cubicle mate to find. This is a chic way to keep all of your stuff stashed away. It also keeps your stuff from moving and sliding every time you open your drawer. If you are someone who has a flip-top storage space you can have this stashed in there without taking up too much space from your files. 

With the holidays about to rear it’s head, this is also a great idea for gift giving. We can tell you that every girlfriend we have shared our case with has been head over heels in love; one friend told us, “It reminds me of something Barbie would use. It makes me feel like I am still living that childhood fantasy of being fabulous like Barbie; she is timeless.” This is something special you can give to your friend or significant other that can help her keep her things organized and out of the way. We really can’t get over how sturdy and durable the case is, it is something that will last the test of time. 
When picking the case that is right for you it should be a snap. There is the cute and kitschy lime green case; it looks like it is straight from the 1950’s and has such a whimsical feel to it. The lime green, and all other solid cases have a sassy leopard print interior lining. Another choice would be the pink sparkle case. This case is not you daughter’s pink, it is reminiscent of classic Chevy Bel Air with a Pink Lady touch. Then of course we have the timeless black; both of this case is a staple if you can’t take the risk with lime green or pink. Lastly we have the leopard print, this case showcases your feminine wild side; embrace it with your train case.  
We want you to love these cases as much as we do. Make sure to stop by JBR and check out a train case for yourself. If you have purchased one leave us a comment and let us know what you love about yours! 

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