Fashion Week Goes Wild for the Ponytail

14 Sep
Thanks to Fashion Week, we have so many ideas about fashion we want to share with you! We like to bring you things that can actually be translated into your everyday look, and today that will be no exception. Looking at some of the shows for Spring we are seeing a mix of ladylike clothing with a sports ware undertone, this of course translates into an equestrian look! 
We are pretty sure that this is just a continued love affair with Kate Middleton, she is the epitome of what it means to be a lady and a sportswoman; there is no way you can convince us otherwise! Having said that, we don’t want to get hung up on the clothing that this translates to but rather the hairstyles that were used on the runway. did an awesome article about this letting us know what the hairstylists did for each designer.
To get this look hairstylist Odile Gilbert of Keratase used their Fiber Architect serum to help slick down fly-aways around the crown of the head and teased up the back of the ponytail. Using a brush that had fine, thick bristles he brushed back the hair around the crown and then teased the ponytail in sections to give it the volume seen above. 
This look is so easy to get at home and it doesn’t take up a ton of your time to do. A tip is that after you tease your hair if there is too much volume you can always run a flat iron over the ends to smooth out the bottom half of the pony, this will still give you the bounce you want without the messy look! 
A ponytail can also be worn for a sleek, sophisticated look. Again, you want to comb back the crown and get all your fly-aways in place. Then instead of teasing the back like before, you will brush through your hair, if you add a serum here it will help. Then flat iron sections of the ponytail until you get the desired straightness.
Whatever you choose to do with your ponytail is up to you, check out some of the photos from Fashion Week and find out which look speaks to you. We love it because now wearing a ponytail doesn’t have to mean you didn’t have time in the morning to style, it is a style of its own, so rock it!

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