Make Mine a Midi

10 Sep
Fashion week has come and gone and people are all a buzz about what will be in for Spring 2012, here at JBR we are still focusing on telling you the essentials for Fall 2011 trends. We have just given up our platform sandals for boots, and maxi dresses for tights and UGGS, so we are not quite ready to go back to the warm weather looks; instead we are going to tell you all about the Fall trend of the midi dress. 
When you first read the word midi you think, “Oh great, another trend I won’t know how to wear,” but don’t worry the midi dress should be a snap for the sophisticated vintage lover. A midi dress, or skirt, is one that’s length extends just below the knee, it is very much a 70’s look. We love this style because it is a style of clothing that doesn’t make you feel over-exposed. Similar to the maxi dress this style is about finding a cut a fabric that will accentuate your curves but leave something to the imagination. 
There are several different styles for a midi, there are those made from jersey, a favorite of ours, others that are made of a synthetic poly blend and draped to appear crinkled, as well as those made out of a jean like material to look more casual.
We prefer the jersey because that is the most complimentary for a woman’s figure. The midi has the horrible tendency to a woman’s body in horrible sections making you appear short, squat and not cute. The jersey material hugs your curves and tends to fall in a flowing manner that can cover up a troubled zone. You can also get a midi in jersey to sit more fitted than those made from a different material. 
Some tips for wearing the midi are to shop around for the perfect one for you, just because your girlfriend bought one that falls with the crinkle pattern does not mean it will look good on you. Spend some time figuring out where your midi should fall. Are you a below the knees midi, are you a mid calve midi, find out what length looks best. Take some time to play with accessorizing your midi; does a belt look good with it, can you wear botties, can you pair it with a leather jacket, make it your own. 
We know, a midi seems iffy, but trust us when we say you are going to want one for Fall. You can try and pair a midi with a pair of men’s ware inspire shoes, boots, tights, anything. The midi is great because it is a fashion piece that is about individualization, so take a risk and try one! 

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