Fall Fashion Trend: Outerware

8 Sep
For those of you have been keeping track of the trends for fall you may have noticed that parkas, fur jackets, bold print jackets and more are all the rage. If you have been keeping track of our blog you will remember that our post about the Mod fashion trend also showcased jackets with bold color. Instead of just focusing on the Mod look we are going to look at the different styles of outerware available. 
The first trend we are loving are the parkas. On Nordstrom’s site they have a top 10 best trends, and the caplet is one of them! 
We love the caplet because of it’s versatility. You can layer the caplet over a pair of skinny jeans and boots when you are going out on a cool autumn day. If you are able to wear leggings you can also wear your leggings and UGGS with a caplet. Caplets can be worn casually or more dressy depending on the material they are made from. Wool caplets can be worn day and night, it all depends on how you choose to accessorize it. 
Another more casual option is the poncho. 
Poncho’s can range from a crop top length to one that hangs to mid-thigh. Poncho’s are another more casual option for you to wear on cooler days. Most poncho’s are made from a lighter material and can be layered over long sleeved shirts or a tee-shirt. We suggest keeping poncho’s to a day time look, they don’t translate well into the evening out on the town. 
The other big trend in outer ware this season is brightly colored fur. 
While we here at JBR are not fans of real fur we do encourage you to dabble in a little faux fur coat! A lot of women feel like they can’t do a fur coat, let alone a brightly colored one, but why not try one out this season. This trend is one that needs to be approached with caution. While it is fun to play with color don’t go overboard. If you want to try out this trend we suggest that you go monochromatic with the color scheme like the model above. If that is too much of one color try adding a brightly colored faux fur coat over an all black outfit to break up the look. This is most definitely a night out on the town look! 
These are just a few a few of the options that have appeared on the runway for fall trends. We love all the options that are out there for women to rock. Comment on our post and let us know which one is your favorite! 

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