Fan Mail

6 Sep
We here at JBR love it when we receive fan mail. Sometimes it is a simple email telling us how much someone loved the dress they purchased, other times it can be photos of our fans wearing their new dress out on the town; whatever the mail is we love to see people enjoying our products, that is why we are going to start showcasing some of our fan pictures here on the blog! What better way for us to show how much we appreciate all of your continued support of our company! 
Today we would like you to meet Monica Sabahi from Rancho Cucamonga, California!. 
Name: Monica Sabahi
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, California
Event: Wedding Reception 
Vintage Revolution (VR): What event did you wear the dress to and why did you choose that dress for it?
Monica Sabahi (MS): One of my boyfriend’s friends was getting married, his friend is Indian and the wedding event lasted two days. On the first day I had decided to wear a Sari but on the second day I wanted to wear a dress. I choose this dress because of the color and the cut. When you go to an Indian wedding the color of all the attendees outfits are bright; I didn’t want to wear just any old dress I had, I wanted something that would make a statement with the color, the red Ava dress just seemed to fit what I wanted for the occasion. And I can say after attending the reception I know that I picked the perfect outfit, I got so many compliments! 
VR: How did you accessorize it to make it your own?
MS: Again, given the type of event I was going to I chose my accessories to match the event. I bought earrings that were like layered circles from Macy’s that dangled down. I then layered plenty of gold bangles on my wrists. I wore champagne and gold colored heels. The theme of my accessories was GOLD, GOLD, GOLD! The other thing I wanted to make sure of was not distracting from the dress. The dress is form fitting and a bold color, if I added too many accessories it would have lost the classic look of the dress. 
VR: Do you have any style tips for fellow shoppers?
MS: I think it is super important to wear things that make you feel fabulous! I know there are some items I have purchased because they were “in vogue” for the time but they just didn’t fit me the way I wanted them to. Every time I would go to wear those pieces I felt so uncomfortable and body conscious that I think people could tell I wasn’t feeling into it [the outfit]. Now I try to buy key items for my wardrobe that make me feel good about my body, not everyone can pull off a romper, or a pant suit, or shorts, but knowing what is you is what really matters! 
VR: What is your favorite item you own and how does it express your style?
MS: Hmmmm, that is very hard to say, there are a lot of items that are my favorite but I am sure if I was thinking about this from my friends perspective of me I would have to say my heels. I own a pair of black patent leather peep toed pumps that I wear almost every day! These heels fit me perfectly! I am only 5’3″ and I teach college students, so I like to be seen in my classroom and I feel like these heels help me. I also feel powerful and sexy in those shoes. If I could match those heels with all of my wardrobe I would, haha. I am going to be so sad when these shoes are no longer fit to be worn, I don’t know what I will do without them! I suppose they express my style in the way that I enjoy feeling subtly sexy. I am not into low cut shirts or super short dresses, but wearing a pair of heels that accentuate your legs makes me feel so sexy in a way that nothing else can. 
We would like to thank Monica for allowing us to post her pictures on our blog and sharing with us all she had to say about her own sense of fashion. If you would like to share some of your favorite photos wearing a dress you purchased from JBR email us at At the end of every month we will take the fans who have submitted their photos to us and have a drawing to win $100 towards the purchase of a dress at JBR. 

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