Vintage Glam Make Up Basics

3 Sep
Ever wonder how those pin-up girls get their make-up just right? We do too, so we did a little digging and brought you some helpful tips from the best people out there and will share them with you! We are going to focus more on the essential items you may need and the shades that work best for beginners.
Some essentials that you should know about getting a vintage look is what you will need before you begin. For your face you are going to want to use a mineral powder that is going to leave your face looking matte and flawless. To ensure the flawless look we suggest using a face primer like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer, it smooths your skin and makes your foundation sit beautifully. Next you are going to want to make sure you have a good blush. For our fair friends we would suggest a rich pink, you want your cheeks to look like they are glowing. For the ladies who have more color you are going to want to use a peachy blush, using pinks have a tendency to look too cheesy, so opt for something that will make you look dewy. Here we would like to suggest using a blush from NARS, they have some awesome colors that compliment most skin tones.
For the eyes you are going to want to use colors that are not as bright and loud as you may normally use. We suggest doing your lids in a white, beige or very light brown, then in the crease using a shade of brown. The best eyeshadow we have found for this are the ones from MAC; in particular rice paper, brule, and shroom for the lid and satin taupe or sabel for the crease. You can also use golds and bronzes for this look as well. For the eyeliner we prefer to use a gel with angle brush, or eyeliner with the felt tip applicator, our favorites are from Lancome. The important thing to remember for your eyeliner is that you want to start off make a thin line at the eyelash line. Start from the inner corner of the eye and work out, as you reach the outside of the eye you are going to increase the amount of eyeliner. This is a simple tip to get the angled look that most vintage glam models have. 
For those women who do not have thick eyebrows, or less defined eyebrows, use a pencil to draw in your brows. You want well defined eyebrows to help frame your face. Here we suggest using the Benefit brand Eye Brows A-Go-Go.  After defining your eyebrows add some false eyelashes to get more full lashes. We love adding false eyelashes for a night out on the town!
Last you are going to want to finish with dark red lips. This is essential that you find a red lipstick that looks good on your skin! Sometimes not everyone can pull off a red lipstick, if you feel that this is you we suggest using a light pink lip pencil to color in your lips and then layering some gloss on top. For those of you who can do the red lipstick thing, use a lip pencil to define your lip shape and then add your lipstick. Again, we like to add a little gloss on top to get it that extra shine. 
We have added one of our favorite tutorials that you can find on YouTube by Hollywood Noir Make Up
We love what she has done and how simple yet gorgeous it is! This look can be worn everyday without looking like you are getting ready for a costume party. We hope you liked our tips and can put them into effect the next time you are getting ready to go out! If you have anymore tips you would like to share with us leave us a comment or email us, we love to hear from you!

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