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Vintage Inspired Halloween Decorations

30 Sep
With October about to start we thought it would be fun to share some ideas about how to mix your love of vintage with the holiday festivities. Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the scary it can also be mixed in with the whimsical, and we are going to show you some ideas on how to do that. 
An easy way to decorate your yard with fun and quirky figures is to make scarecrows. You can go to your local craft store and buy fake branches and pumpkins. Glue the branches together or tie them with wire, then take an exacto knife or small crafting saw and carve a simple face onto the pumpkin. If this is a little too much work, you can use a black sharpie to draw on the face and color it in. Then attach the pumpkin to the head of the figure and dress it up with some of your old clothing. It is a simple way to make yard decorations and they will be unique to you and your family.

Another fun idea to decorate your yard is to take the fake pumpkins from a craft store and draw on funny faces or designs. You can use feathers, glitter, jewels or anything that inspires you to decorate. Once you have all the decorations on, place the pumpkins out in your yard or outdoor area. This is a great way to decorate pumpkins early in the month without worrying about them rotting due to temperature changes. You can place them in buckets, carriages, or get small haystacks. You can also reuse these year after year. 
Another fun way to bring a vintage feel to your Halloween festivities is to create custom tags for baked goods. Going to a local craft store buy scrap booking paper in any color you like, we suggest paper that looks tea stained or lighter colors. Buy black and orange ribbon and crafting scissors if you do not have any, and lollipop sticks. Cut the paper into shapes that you like and write little spooky sayings like, “Eat this if you dare,” “Poisoned Witches Cake,” “Made with Puppy Dog Tales.” Punch a hole on one side of the label and then attach ribbon through the hole. Glue onto lollipop sticks and insert into baked goods. 
If you are looking for vintage decorations you can look at most home goods stores. This time of the year they tend to carry a variety of items ranging from contemporary to nostalgic. Our favorite place to find more vintage inspired goods is Michaels and Joann Fabric stores. You can find small pumpkins, witches hats and posters that look like they came from a different era. Another key to getting a vintage look is to not be afraid to mix and match. You can buy some generic Halloween garland and attach vintage paper lanterns to it. Another option is to go to local thrift stores and see if they have old posters and cards. You can take them to Kinko’s and have them photocopied to create unique decorations for your house. You can also do this with images you find on the web. 
Whatever you choose to do with your decorations, using vintage inspirations will give you an edge on any of your neighbors and friends. We love having things that are different and not cookie cutter, so start hunting for those Halloween pieces that will make your season extra special to those around you. We encourage you to take lots of pictures and send them in to us, even better if its a photo of you wearing a JBR dress with your holiday decorations. Happy Haunts!

Find Your Everyday Day Dress

26 Sep
With the weather changing and the hours of the day getting shorter, it is time to start changing your wardrobe as well. We love the Fall/Winter because it is the time of year where you can layer your clothing with scarves, coats, tights, gloves and hats without feeling like it is just too much accessorizing. We love taking the dresses we have purchased from our inventory and throwing tights on with a pair of boots to wear around town. 
The last few days have been on the cooler side and we have had a chance to break out our favorite dresses to do just that, and it made us think of our subscribers; we want to share with you some of our favorite dresses from JBR that can be worn on a daily basis. These dresses are what we consider everyday dresses that you can wear to work and layer as the weather gets cooler.

This first dress we want you to get to know a little better is the Heartbreaker Super Spy dress.


This dress is a great staple to have. I can say that I own it in navy, black and olive, and I can’t live without it. This dress is great because of the material that it is made from. It is a very high quality of cotton and washes so well. You can wash this in your washer at home, or if you are highly protective of your dresses and want to add to their longevity you can take it to the dry-cleaners, either way the dress will last you a long time. Not only does it wash well it matches with just about everything!

You can wear this dress with a pair of knee high boots

Or with a pair of Mary-Jane style heels or pumps.

Either show pairing you like, this dress can go with.

Lastly we like it because you can layer it; you can wear this dress with solid tights, printed tights, or patterned tights. You can add a scarf over it if it is extra chilly outside or a jacket. This dress really is an everyday staple and you can dress it up if you wanted to wear it to an event.

The other dress that we love is also from the Heartbreaker line, it is the Mod dress. 

This dress is similar to the Super Spy dress in the material that it is made from. The length of this dress is also the same, it hits you just above your knee. We like this dress as well because it is sleeveless and the neckline is slightly different.

This dress is a good transitional dress for the days that are cooler than the summer but not as cold and crisp as winter. You can easily layer this with a blazer or cardigan for work if you need to wear sleeves. If you do choose to go with a blazer we suggest it be one that is slightly cropped in the length and fitted to your curves, you don’t want the blazer to make you look boxy.

The other thing we love about this dress is that you can wear it with or without tights. Again, if you are not ready to start layering your clothes you can go sans tights, but once the weather cools this looks fabulous with some patterned tights on underneath.

 Having dresses that can be worn on a daily basis can be great, and it’s even better when you can layer them as it gets colder; so head over to JBR to check out these dresses and more for your Fall/Winter transition.

Everyday Train Case

25 Sep
There are few things we love more than an accessory that is worth every penny you spent purchasing it. We love items that are versatile and can be work-horses in our collection, that is why we HAD to share with you the Lux de Ville Train Case in our blog. We want all our readers and fans to fall in love with this accessory as much as we have! 
One of the best parts about this train case is it’s size. Most train cases tend to be just large enough to carry a regular size bottle of shampoo, hair spray, a smaller make-up bag, and flat iron; the Lux de Ville Train Case can carry more than that. We were able to fit a curling iron, flat iron, travel size shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray. The top tray we utilized for our make-up and accessories. We love this train case for women who are on the go and need to have their hair-styling tools and make-up with them. It would be perfect for a make-up artist, hair stylist, personal stylist, or photographer. It is sturdy and can carry a variety of your everyday items.
After this first test we started to think, if this is perfect for a woman on the go who else could use it, and we came up with some great options with how you can use your train case. We started to think about our friends who work in offices and need to have a stash of personal items hidden in their bottom desk drawer; you know the drawer we are talking about, the one where we keep our emergency deodorant, touch up make-up, feminine items, aspirin, hand sanitizer and snacks we don’t want our overly friendly cubicle mate to find. This is a chic way to keep all of your stuff stashed away. It also keeps your stuff from moving and sliding every time you open your drawer. If you are someone who has a flip-top storage space you can have this stashed in there without taking up too much space from your files. 

With the holidays about to rear it’s head, this is also a great idea for gift giving. We can tell you that every girlfriend we have shared our case with has been head over heels in love; one friend told us, “It reminds me of something Barbie would use. It makes me feel like I am still living that childhood fantasy of being fabulous like Barbie; she is timeless.” This is something special you can give to your friend or significant other that can help her keep her things organized and out of the way. We really can’t get over how sturdy and durable the case is, it is something that will last the test of time. 
When picking the case that is right for you it should be a snap. There is the cute and kitschy lime green case; it looks like it is straight from the 1950’s and has such a whimsical feel to it. The lime green, and all other solid cases have a sassy leopard print interior lining. Another choice would be the pink sparkle case. This case is not you daughter’s pink, it is reminiscent of classic Chevy Bel Air with a Pink Lady touch. Then of course we have the timeless black; both of this case is a staple if you can’t take the risk with lime green or pink. Lastly we have the leopard print, this case showcases your feminine wild side; embrace it with your train case.  
We want you to love these cases as much as we do. Make sure to stop by JBR and check out a train case for yourself. If you have purchased one leave us a comment and let us know what you love about yours! 

Emmy Dresses

21 Sep
We love award season here, it gives us a chance to see all the styles that will be hot in the up-coming season and see the inspiration that designers find for their famous clients. With the Emmy’s having happened we thought we would give you a re-cap of some of our favorite looks seen on the stars, many of which had some vintage inspirations behind them! 
The Emmy’s is a great award show because the stars wear dresses that have glamour but are not so far out of an ordinary person’s scope. When we watch the Oscar red carpet we expect to see high drama and high fashion, dresses us mere mortals will never get a change to wear; but when we have shows like the Emmy’s and the SAG awards, the dresses are more of the fashion trends we can see influencing dresses we see in department stores. 
There were so many stars that we loved from Sunday’s red carpet it was hard to pick who it was we wanted to showcase on the blog. We took some of the top contenders from  and some of our own and will present them to you! We chose to focus on stars that wore dresses that wore dresses with a vintage inspiration and followed the latest trends. 
First up is Drew Barrymore wearing Givenchy. Drew was onstage to present an award with the cast of the TV series Charlie’s Angels. Drew was stunning in her flapper-esk dress. Her hair was pulled in a ponytail, rocking a look we blogged about last week,  and minimal jewelry, she allowed the dress to speak for itself. The drama in this look came from the mini length, that was then covered up by the floor length fringe showing off Drew’s rocking legs! We love the cream tone, which is HOT for the season, it pops against Drew’s dark red hair. The detailing of the lace around the the borders of the dress are a great touch, as lace is another trend we will see a lot of this season. 
Kate Winslet looked fabulous in this red Eli Saab dress. The way this dress is cut is so flattering, and the neckline of the dress is reminiscent of old Hollywood fashion. Red dresses were seen all over the red carpet and will be a trend for the holiday season. Kate accessorized her dress with a Cartier diamond bracelet and earrings. When wearing a dress that is a solid color and on the brighter end of the spectrum keeping the accessories simple and classic adds for a more uniform look; had Kate gone with something more blinged out it would have detracted from the simple beauty of the red dress. 
Another of our favorites was Julie Bowen wearing this sequence dress by Oscar de la Renta with jewelry by Neil Lane. Sequence dresses were another trend we saw on the red carpet that we loved and have already seen transported into everyday looks for the fall/winter collections. This dress was a favorite for a few reasons; we loved the deep neckline on the dress that is sexy and classy, we also liked that this dress did sequence the right way! Sequence can be a hard trend to wear, especially for a dress, but Oscar de la Renta created a dress that uses the sequence to create a pattern and print on an otherwise plain black dress. Other stars that rocked sequenced dresses were Claire Danes, Christina Hendrix and Cat Deeley. 
There were so many other styles and dresses that we loved from the red carpet, but these were the top picks to show what trends you will see for the fall/winter collection of dresses. If you had a favorite we didn’t talk about leave us a comment on this post about who your favorite was and why. 

Fan Mail

17 Sep
As you go into your weekend we would like you all to think about where you are wearing your outfits to. We love seeing our fans enjoying a purchase at any event and we want you to send us your photos, so as you go out this weekend if you are wearing one of the dresses you have purchased from JBR make sure to send us a photo!   That is exactly what Karen Muldoon did and we want to share her story with you!!
Name: Karen Muldoon

Location: Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Event: Wedding

Dress: Stop Staring Full Bloom Swing Dress

Vintage Revolution (VR): What event did you wear the dress to and why did you choose that dress for it?

Karen Maldoon (KM): I wore the dress to a friends wedding and I chose it because the 
wedding was in June and I wanted to wear a sundress but with a touch of

VR: How did you accessorize it to make it your own?

KM: I kept the accessories simple, as I think that the floral pattern in the dress speaks for itself. I wore it halter style with just a little sheer bolero to cover my back for the church ceremony. I finished the look with a vintage hairslide in my hair, pearl bracelet and pearl earrings. I felt a necklace wasn’t necessary because of the pretty sweetheart neckline. 

VR: Do you have any style tips for your fellow shoppers?

KM: My style tip for fellow shoppers is to wear what suits your shape. Find your niche and embrace it!

VR: What is your favorite item you own and how does it express your style?

KM: The favorite item I own in my Stop Staring Stella dress. It takes me from day through to night. The fabric is so comfortable and it’s a flattering cut. It’s a wardrobe staple. 

We would like to thank Karen Muldoon for sending us her photos and giving us a little information on what is important to her! If you are interested in being on our blog send us an email with a photo of you in any dress you have purchased from JBR to For sending us a photo you will receive a coupon code for $25 and for being featured on the blog you will get a coupon code for $100 toward a JBR purchase. 

Go out and enjoy your weekend wearing your favorite JBR dress and take those pictures! 

Fashion Week Goes Wild for the Ponytail

14 Sep
Thanks to Fashion Week, we have so many ideas about fashion we want to share with you! We like to bring you things that can actually be translated into your everyday look, and today that will be no exception. Looking at some of the shows for Spring we are seeing a mix of ladylike clothing with a sports ware undertone, this of course translates into an equestrian look! 
We are pretty sure that this is just a continued love affair with Kate Middleton, she is the epitome of what it means to be a lady and a sportswoman; there is no way you can convince us otherwise! Having said that, we don’t want to get hung up on the clothing that this translates to but rather the hairstyles that were used on the runway. did an awesome article about this letting us know what the hairstylists did for each designer.
To get this look hairstylist Odile Gilbert of Keratase used their Fiber Architect serum to help slick down fly-aways around the crown of the head and teased up the back of the ponytail. Using a brush that had fine, thick bristles he brushed back the hair around the crown and then teased the ponytail in sections to give it the volume seen above. 
This look is so easy to get at home and it doesn’t take up a ton of your time to do. A tip is that after you tease your hair if there is too much volume you can always run a flat iron over the ends to smooth out the bottom half of the pony, this will still give you the bounce you want without the messy look! 
A ponytail can also be worn for a sleek, sophisticated look. Again, you want to comb back the crown and get all your fly-aways in place. Then instead of teasing the back like before, you will brush through your hair, if you add a serum here it will help. Then flat iron sections of the ponytail until you get the desired straightness.
Whatever you choose to do with your ponytail is up to you, check out some of the photos from Fashion Week and find out which look speaks to you. We love it because now wearing a ponytail doesn’t have to mean you didn’t have time in the morning to style, it is a style of its own, so rock it!

Nailing Polish Trends for Fall

13 Sep
Any great fashionista will tell you that your outfit may be polished, you may have the right accessories, shoes, and make up, but unless you have a flawless manicure the dramatic effect you were going for just won’t be there. By making sure that even the smallest details, like having the right shade of polish on, can make your whole look come together. Like everything else in fashion nail polish comes in and out of season, we want to make sure that you are prepared for what is to come for Fall 2011’s nail polish pallet.
One of the trends we LOVE for Fall is the nude nail. Nude nails always look polished and classy, they can be worn at a conservative office and they look great with any outfit.  
Nude nails look good on almost any skin tone, we suggest for those women who are more olive complected to go with a shade of nude that is a pink base versus a brown base. Nude is a nice option for those women who like to wear polish but don’t like to go over-the-top, not everyone can rock bright yellow or black, maybe nude is it for you.  One of our favorite brands of nail polish is OPI, they make a great nude that will be sure to become one of your staples! 
Another trend is the camouflage green nail color. 
This trend is not as versatile as the nude, but one that we see continuously popping up and wanted you to know about. You want to be very careful in purchasing the correct shade of green, if  not you will end up with mossy looking fingernails! For this you want to make sure that you are getting a lighter green with a beige, grey base to it, an excellent one for this is Zoya
The last trend we would like you to know about are the metallic shades! 
This is FAB-U-LOUS for those nights out on the town. In the dreary winter nights you want something that will sparkle and stand out and this is just what your nails need! Metallics are not the best for an everyday look but for those nights that you are going to events or holiday parties this should be your go to! Chanel has release a line of metallic nail polishes that will be hit, make sure to grab a color for yourself! 
These are just a glimpse of the many different options that are available for your Fall looks. Try a new color on your nails and let them bring a little color and statement in the cooler weather. Feel free to let us know which ones you like the best!